Back home from operation

HI all just to let you know I had my op on Thursday and I am back home, feeling very sore, tired and very heavy chested did not relaise my boobs would be so swollen. Anyway the op went well and I go on Wednesday to have the dressings removed then. At the moment one of my boobs is alot bigger than the other so I am hoping that is just down to swelling and that it will look alright in a few weeks time fingers crossed.
Love Clairemm x x

Hi Claremm

Take it easy, listen to your body when it need rest. I remember when I had my diep recon, when I woke up despite feeling terrible, looked down and to see a pair of boobs instead of the one, even though one was bigger than the other made me cry with joy.

Good luck


Hi Claire,
Glad to hear you’ve had your op. Was talking to Jakki about you a couple of weeks ago. Hope you have a speedy recovery. Do you have to do exercises after this one or not?
Hope you’re behaving yourself. Had any grapes lately? You know what to do with them to help you relax!!!
Take care

Thnak you for you replys ladies,
am not sure if I have to do any exercises this time Kim am seeing my surgeon today so will ask him. I am behaving myself LOL How are you? I have been saying to Jakki I will come and stay soon so I can see you both take care
Love Claire x x

Hi Claire!

Glad you are ok and have got your op over and done with, i did Pm you back the other day… hope the swelling goes down fast for you…

Kim and I always talk about you - nice things of course… we did have a laugh at that YWF didnt we??

Be nice to see you sometime claire… i’m debating whether to book a christmas shopping trip to london so maybe we could meet up… Kim - do you fancy coming??

love Jak

Well done Claire,

I bet thats such a good feeling to be heavy chested again, from what I have read on here it doesn’t take too long for the swelling to go and you will have a fine matching pair.

Take care and relax

Debbie x

Claire, i have just caught up with your thread. I am sorry that i had missed it but just wanted to send you my best wishes for a speedy recovery. It has been ages since we last talked and i was thinking of you.
Hope you are feeling much better and i am sure you will be very happy with your recon.
take care and wishing you the best