Back in the scary place

Am I going crazy?

Is it possible to be growing a new primary in the other breast while not quite having completed 6 months of chemo following left mastectomy for stage IIIA grade 3 triple neg?

Two days ago, while showering, I feel like I have a new lump in my right breast that seems similar to the left one that kicked all this off back in September last year. If it is not my fertile imagination, then it presumably means that my cancer is not responsive to AC-T chemo, and my disease is marching merrily on.

I have an appointment anyway with my oncologist on Monday. Meanwhile I guess I will keep checking for that lump. I hate this bloody disease.

I was walking with hubby today in a bird sanctuary by a river, and I read a memorial on a bench, somebody saying goodbye to their loved one, and could hardly hold it together.

Somebody please tell me this isn’t possible?

Oh sweetie, I really feel for you - you must be going crazy with worry. I have no medical knowledge whatsoever so I can’t tell you anything useful, but I can send you a virtual hug and let you know I’m thinking of you. Take care - Cress xxxxx

Bless you, words can’t express how you must feel, I like Suffolklady have no medical knowledge…I do however send a huge hug…your mind must be in overdrive.
Roll on Monday, so you can get this checked asap.
Cancer sucks!!!

Morwenna that’s terrible-just bearing you in mind and hoping you find somethiing really nice and distracting in the hours til you see the ONC and maybe any waiting tiime afterwards…don’t they just excel in stringing it out!

Hi Morwenna
I have just been dx with new primary in right breast after grade 3 TN in left in Feb 2011 have been told er and pr neg have to wait for HER result . I was told to go away for 6 weeks by my GP as I think he thought I was imagining it!! Have surgery on Wed next week to remove lump. I had chemo and rads finished in Sept 11.
I do hope it is not a new primary but at least you are being seen quickly
Good Luck for Monday!!

Morwenna fingers crossed it is not what you ar thinking an if you had mammograms atrays start of your journey it obviously wasn’t there hen so worst case scenario you have caught it early . Will be thinking of you.

Jill you maybe want to get checked out for BRCA mutation as looks like 2 Tn primary’s which could suggest this. I have had 2 tn primary’s although 14 years apart and only a cousin with BC and we both have BRCA 1

Wendy x x

Morwenna I’m keeping everything crossed this is nothing serious and sending you big hugs. Let us know how things go Monday. Off to church soon so will say a little prayer for you xx

I too will be keeping everything crossed for you that it proves to be nothing serious. Will be thinking of you on Monday.
Big hug x

Hi Morwenna,

Just a few days ago you popped into our Dec thread to say Hi, and now you are up in the middle of the night with a terrifying new lump. Try to remember there are lots of things it can be apart from cancer - cysts etc. I have spoken to ladies before who have new lumps that have turnd out to be harmless. I really hope it is nothing to worry about. It is very unusual to have a new primary whilst on chemo. I had my chemo before my Mx (TN) and mine did not respond to chemo and I’m afraid I had to start a new chemo regime. This is the absolute worst case scenario, but if it is the case, then it is caught very early. I now have no evidence of secondaries so it seems to have worked. I hope I am not scaring you more, and I wouldn’t tell you about it, except you have clearly already thought of the possibilty yourself. The point is, that even in the worst case, there is still stuff that can work.

There is not much you can do before your appointment on Monday. Please try to distract yourself and do something as nice as possible to keep your mind off it. The most likely outcome is still that it is nothing to worry about. I will check this next week and I really hope to hear the outcome. Lots of girls on here will be thinking of you, massive hug from me, xxx

I had an area of pain in my left breast when I had the first mammo and thought that was what I was being called back for, only to find I had a lump in the right breast which was cancer. They did a biopsy of the lump they found in the left, where the pain was and it was non malignant. The pain went away but has now come back, the tiny lump in the left breast did not show up on the mammo, the surgeon found it by hand.
The pain is getting worse now and I am will ask about it again when I see the onc on 18th June. I am worried to hell about it but am trying to convince myself the surgeon was right and it is nothing. As the others have said your mammo is very recent, tr to stay calm, Monday will soon be here.

I’m triple negative too and had to have a problem investigated 3 weeks after finishing chemo - it was benign. When I questioned the likelihood of a recurrence or new primary, having literallly just completed chemo, I was told this would be extremely unlikely. Thankfully, you don’t have to wait long to see someone, but I can totally understand how you feel. Hopefully, the outcome will be innocent.
Will be thinking of you on Monday,

Diane xx

Keeping fingers crossed for you that it is nothing to worry about.
Take care

Oh Morwenna I am so sorry to hear that you are back worrying about a new lump when you are so far down the line with your treatment. I will be thinking of you on Monday and hoping that you get good news. Take care. Xxx

Sorry that you are feeling so worried, you have given the rest of us so much love, comfort and support, now it’s our turn to help you through the scary times. It won’t be long till Monday, till then I’ll be thinking of you and wishing you all the best , great big hugs Pat xx


Sorry to hear you are going through all teh worry again. I saw my consultant last week for my MRI scan result and I asked him if he was 100% sure I only had the one tumour as I was convinced I could feel another. Paranoia! He reassured me there wasn’t another but said I have several cysts in both breasts.
Hope you gte goo dnews on Monday,

Hugs xx

Thankyou ladies for all the kind responses! Just wanted to say - I wasn’t posting in the middle of the night for me; we are 7 hours behind UK time, here in western Canada! And I really had quite a good sleep (8.00 am now), and this morning I looked out of my bedroom window to unbroken blue skies, and white snowy mountains, so the world looks a brighter place already!

That’s just what I wanted to hear: the chances of developing a new primary while on chemo are extremely small!

I do have cystic breasts, oh I guess “breast” now, and I’m hoping that’s what I’m feeling. The thing is I was positive my other lump was “just another cyst”, and it turned out to be a cancerous cyst, which again, I was told, was “extremely rare”.

To imperfectly quote the Cancer Curmudgeon in her blog, “I don’t believe in aliens, but if an alien space ship were to land on Earth it would be in my back yard, because, well, what are the odds, right?”

I have a choreography rehearsal this morning, so that’ll wear me out. I’ll let you know what my oncologist says on Monday.

Love to you all … xxx

Hi Morwenna
Haven’t been on for a while but had to post you as you have been there many times for me since my dx. I have had my first chemo and although I have had scans and examinations on my left breast I have started to feel some twinges and itching under my left armpit. I know that after all the scans it is unlikely to be cancer after just a few weeks of scans but it doesn’t stop you from worrying. I do know that I have aches and pains in various parts of my body since chemo started so I hope the chemo is doing its job.I have heard a few people say it is very unlikely to develope a new primary during chemo and with everything that is going into our bodies I suppose they must be right. I know you will worry until you have seen your onc but worrying is a waste of your energy so try to enjoy your beautiful views and lovely walks and I will be thinking of you.
Take care
Angela xxx

hoping for good news on monday for you

Just wanted to wish you the very best for tomorrow, have read many of your very supportive posts, sending you big hugs! Fingers and toes crossed for the best news possible, take care xx

Good luck tomorrow, chances of it being another tumour are very low but I know how worried you must be. please let us know how you get on.
Hugs x Yvonne