Back in the waiting room and terrified

Some of you may recall my popping in and out of the waiting room for two years, hovering about and changing magazines and stories and dishing out the jaffa cakes.
Well I am back! tomorrow I shall be 50 and my birthday afternoon will be spent waiting for the results of the biopsies i had taken yesterday.
After two years and two hospitals and a second opinion with a second referral back to the second opinion! 18 months of tamoxifen for breast pain, diagnosis of age related breast distortion, fibrocystic breasts and costachondritis because there is no presentation of a lump - merely a very large dimple which has recently changed shape and moved the nipple to point outwards!
Finally, yesterday during my third one-stop shop visit to breast clinic i was given a doppler and the scan lit up like a christmas tree (very pretty). A vascular mass has been detected.
Part of me is screaming yessssssssss, vindicated for making a fuss and going back and back and back whilst being told there was nothing to be found and part of me is now cringing and wishing that i had just ignored the latest round of changes. At least now they have found IT and i wont have to wait long to find out what IT is and what they can now do about IT, but none of that is helping this time pass.
Has anyone else had a vascular mass identified?
sorry about the long winded rant but i am sure you all know how it is!!!