Back on chemo

Sadly the Oncologist informed me from my latest CT scan that the tumour in my liver had grown a cm and therefore he has decided yet again to change my medication to see if we can knock this tumour on the head.  I am lucky than most because its an oral chemo, unlike many of you out there taking the intravenous killer.  I was put on it last year but it was too aggressive for me and was killing my immune system. So they had to take me off and put me on Anastrazole then Emestatine.


I find the hot flushes terrible now and wake up with night sweats. I thought I had seen the last of these sweats but it seems not.  Along with feeling so tired all the time, I am also seeking new palliative pain control for the pain in my spine due to the bone cancer metasteses that I have as well. Having a primary breast cancer with secondary cancers of the spine liver and lungs has been a hard fight but I sometimes lose faith.  How do yo guys out there cope? I hate being negative but there are days I sometimes just want to curl up and pray for the aggro to go away.


Thank you for listening and I hope I have put this post in the right place.

Hello Kookie17  just want to say I have just read your post and you make me feel so humble.  I was recently diagnosed 10th June Triple Negative Grade 3 Invasive Breast Cancer  surgery was 4 weeks ago and I am worried out of my mind as to what I have and how will I cope with Chemo/Rads?  You have made me think and stop whinging and get on with it “there are a lot of ladies worse off than me”  You are so strong/brave - you must be to keep going you are as strong as the other ladies because you are doing it!!   I want to wish you all the best in what you do and how you are feeling, please dont lose hope. I hope you have some family near you when you have a bad time?  Maggie X

Hi Cookie

I am sorry to read that you are having such a difficult time, along with the support here please feel free to call our helpliners for some further support and a listening ear, lines are open weekdays 9-5 and Sat 10-2 on 0808 800 6000

You may find it helps to post in this thread which is used by forum users in similar situations to you

You can access further secondary support from BCC via this link :

Take care
Lucy BCC

Hi cookie , sorry to hear how you feel. I have secondary’s in bone and liver also thickening in the lung and abdomen , diagnosed in 2013. You are lucky that tablet form worked for you as it did not me. I then went to have taxol chemo last year and when that finished in September I started taking letrozole , which was fine for 7 months . Went to my onc for scan results and it showed it not being stable no more . I’m now on a new chemo erubilin on my 2 rd session . Not had a scan yet to see if it is working but my bloods show a reduction . The bit I worry about is when the chemo finishes aand I go on another hormone drug to keep it stable will it only be for a few months again and I have to start having chemo , which always seems to fall during the summer :frowning: I just keep battling on and not going to give up . Most of my days I am very positive but I feel down when I’m tired and the sun is shinning and I do not have the energy to do things. This site is brill and gives me hope and inspiration , especially when you hear the success stories . Keep up the fight xxxxx