Back on Tamoxifen

Apologies if I have posted in the wrong place but hopefully I haven’t.

Vicky, my wife is stage 4 with mets in her head and various bones.
Since dx in 05 she has been on Tamoxifen, Arimidex, 6 cycles of EC, 2 cycles of vinorelbine and is just finishing her 6th cycle of taxotere. During this time she has also had 2 major back surgeries and radiotherapy to different areas as required.

Her oncologist, who has been brilliant throughout, now wants to try her on tamoxifen again. Now while I have no issue with this as he has always done the right thing for Vicky, I am curious as to what treatment options remain if this doesn’t have the desired effect. (Worked for 18 months first time out).

Thank you for your thoughts & ideas,

Hi Stuart

As for treatment options, you might be interested in this thread:ǃ–t23215.html

I don’t know whether it is being used in the UK (or anywhere else outside the States, where it seems to be gaining ground), but it might be worth asking about it when you next get the chance.

Have the other AIs (Aromasin, Femara) not been suggested at all?

Best wishes to you both.



Hi S and thanks for the post.
I think Vicky’s oncologist wants to give the tamoxifen a try again first as it worked for 18 months last time. If it doesn’t have the desired effect then I’m sure he’ll have something else lined up as an option (I hope).
The link doesn’t seem to work unfortunately though :frowning: STill, not worrying to much for the next fortnight as we head to France tomorrow evening for some r&r :smiley:

Thanks again,

Right CT scan done, isotopic bone scan today, MRI on Thursday and then off to see the consultant on Thursday next week…