Back on the Chemo Rollercoaster!

_ Hi Ladies hope you are all doing ok and feeling well, i started my chemo yesterday ,i had a 6 hr appointment a t the hospital which turned into 8! ,everything went fine no reactions ect thank goodness,but i am haveing the tripple whamy which i didnt expect so had my Herceptin first of all which took 1 and a half hrs then a rest break for a hr then the Tax infusion for a hr followed by the Carboplatlin infusion for 1 hr so was 3 and half hrs of blooming infusions! got the usual stinging nettles sensation lol that i recall from the last chemo i had but had forgot about lol in the nether regions from more steriods through the drip isnt it bl**dy odd how that stuff affects you down there? good job it only lasts a few mins ! _
_ Anyway have dosed myself up with everything to keep on top of things,am useing difflam already 4 times a day for my mouth as usealy suffer a lot with ulcers and oral thrush in that dept with chemo though chemo nurse said epi is known as a mouth killer so this one shouldnt be as bad ,we will see, took all my anti sickness pills this morning and the steriods, last lot of steriods tonight, hate them but know they are keeping me upbeat at the minute ,been given my omprozole for the acid indijestion as the chemo plays havock with my digestive system usealy, and the lovely movicol for the lovely chronic constpation that all the meds give us all! much more organised this time round as like the chemo nurses said start now on everything and can get on top of it all much easier than trying to cure sutff once it starts, just a shame they cant give us something for the fatigue lol but theres always the sofa! Am off out today while im feeling good so taking advantage while i can , am glad to have gotten the first one over with and even though im getting herceptin at the same time now as my chemo is much better realy as means i will get it all over with in 12mths instead of 18th ,so bonus!! _
_ Big hugs and lots of love to everyone else going through chemo at the moment, and to all those of you whatever leg of this journey you are on, keep going know it can be bl**dy tough but we will all get there in the end ! _
_ LOve and hugs to all, Linda ,xx _

hi linda i have been told bout the nettle thingy down below is that on all chemo or certain ones? xx glad you got your first one out of way i have my first feccing fec on fri lol xx i have bought that much stuff like ginger ale ginger buscuits loads of lollies sweets bongela toothbrush toothpaste i got few more to get but thing i got most .its an expensive game this chemo …is there anythink else you can advice do u by indesjestion tabs or the stuff u drink? xx

you should join the june or july thread hun xx

_ Hi quinny, the nettle stingy thing down below comes from the steriods they give you through the infusion drip before the chemo gos in, please dont worry about it lol, it only lasts a few mins its just when you know about it it doesnt come as a shock lol its odd that these things seem to affect us down below dont know why, its the same with they radioactive dyes they give with infusions with ct scans ect,though that makes you feel like youve wet yourself but you havent . The joys of it all eh! _
_ I found the Omprozole works great for any acid indigestion on chemo you can get a script from your chemo ward or gp as one tab a day stops your stomach produceing acid so you aviod the the problem mostly and its much better than tying to cure acid indigestion after it starts, not everyone suffer with acid indigestion though ,though chemo can be hard on the digestive tract. _
I used a lot of different ginger products last time round but dont think i can face ginger again as had so much got put off it ,it does help with any nausea thugh sometimes,though they will give you 2 lots of anti sickness tabs to take home some strong ones like ondansetron for a couple of days which work very well for me (never was sick on chemo) and also some top up milder ones if needed but i found i didnt need many of these at all. Travel bands are good round your wrists too, i wore these last time two for a couple of days and think they did help also!.
_ Soft toothbrush a must , and if you have any mouth probs difflam mouth wash from the hospital and difflam throat spray works very well ,drink loads of water to flush the chemo out quicker and to to keep hydrated, bongella is good too i use that also, some people think pineapple works well but was a bit stingy for me but does work for loads of people. Try not to worry to much though all chemos are different and everyone reacts differently to different chemos ,good to stock up though just in case then its there if you do need it and can keep on top of everything ,much better to try and make things easier beforehand than trying to cure stuff when youve got it.there are lots of things that realy will help make chemo as managedable as poss and noone should need to suffer in silence so always tell your chemo ward or ring them up if you need ay help with anything, youll be fine pet, chemo isnt great but theres lots we can do to make it a lot easier. Huge hugs quinny for friday will be thinking of you, there are loads of good top tips on the chemo thread and if i can help with anything that helped me just let me know and i will help with anything if i can. youll be ok pet, we do get there in the end and there is def a light at the end of the tunnel ,promise! _
_ Love and hugs to you, Linda x _

thank you linda my name is donna ive wrote them things down so can ask the docs on thursday to give me b4 chemo fri xx im trying to stay positive b4 fri i was a rite mess last week but ended up with high temp so had to cancel chemo …i hope im ok this week so trying to stay positive xx hugs linda u shud join the june or july thread …i think i have asked you this already lol xx

have u had to have the picc line? i had it last tue …its just starting to calm down now …i do hate it but no it will b better in long run xx

Hi Donna, I had my chemo delayed a week too as i managed to get a absessed burried tooth so had to get that surgicaly removed at the hospital and heal up before i could start my chemo, sounds like weve both had a bit of a stressfull few weeks! I also had a few mini meltdowns too these last couple of weeks with being re DX and even though ive been there and done it all once before i think it all just got on top of me a bit ,its only natural to be anxious before starting chemo/treatments i got myself quite worked up too last week but honestly once you get started it is fine and you do get through it all, i think sometimes like everything else the fear of something is actualy worse than it is, im not saying it isnt tough sometimes but there are lots and lots of good days too and for the most part last time for me i could carry on with everything pretty much as normal, listen to your body pet, be kind to you and rest up when you can, and on your good days (and there will be many) get out and do some nice stuff and enjoy yourself, make sure you line up lots of nice treats, retail shopping is a must lol .
_ I had the hickman line put in the morning after my tooth was removed and like you it has taken me some time to get used to it, its was pretty sore and bruised for the first week but has settle down now and im beginning to accept its there and get used to it, i hated it at first as i have to keep covering up with scarfs ect was finding showering/bathing akward grr and when i go out as its in my chest i have to cover it all up but… it was soooooo much easier yesterday when i had the chemo, my veins are still shot from my last lot of chemo and are still like wire so now haveing had lymph nodes removed from both my arms a line was my only option realy, but honestly after yesterday, it was so easy no more stabbing for viens with 5 or 6 attempts and no more black and blue arms, bliss! _
_ Il try and find the chemo threads in a mo lol , it realy does help when you can chat with others who know what your going through, lots of us have been/ are where you are at the minute and it is only natural to be very anxious about it all, but we are all walking this road together so you will never alone donna, and we all prop each other up when times are hard , but you will do fine pet i promise. keep chatting with everyone on here or even just rant and rave when you need too, everyone understands and we all do it sometimes lol, its blooming tough this cancer malarky but in time you will look back ,be out the other side, and enjoy life again ,it does get better PROMISE!. _
_ Big hugs to you pet, am here for you if you ever want to chat anytime, if i can help with anything i will . _
_ Take care of you , Linda x _

Oh Linda, so sorry to hear you’re back on the merry-go-round again. :frowning: I think having done it once already makes the trepidation worse, as you know a bit of what the SEs can be, but not necessarily what THIS chemo regime will do to you, so you get the worst of both worlds.

Quinny, having a line in will really help preserve the veins in your arm, particularly if you’re on FEC. Epirubicin can be really damaging. I had a portacath inserted before my first FEC and I am so glad I did. Have my last Herceptin this Friday, so then I have to think about when it comes out…

Fond hugs, and kick-its-ass vibes across the ether.


Hi Chocie, well done on getting to the end of Herceptin ,you must be so pleased to get it all over with finaly ,how has it been for you? its another new world for me as i didnt need herceptin last time around, im not sure with haveing herceptin and chemo at the same time now what SEs will belong to which treatment lol or maybe il get all 3! grrrr, anyway like you say this chemo may be completely different to the Epi and xeloda i had last time around ,epi realy is very hard on the viens isnt it so a line is def must as my veins never ever did recover and never will now, even trying to get blood after epi for normal stuff was a blooming nightmare.
So glad to hear that youve now got through the worst of the treatments, its a long road sometimes isnt it? but we do get there in the end and come out the other side,well done chocie, hope you are doing ok too. Linda x

tank you so much linda for your kind words .i am trying to b postive bout fri …i do really want it over with so can start counting down to when i get to number 6 and can say bye bye lol roll on oct xxso u having fec to …how you feeling today hun hope the se are minimal .im so glad im staying with my mom as much as i love all my kiddies and hubby think he will have enough to b doing with them so i will b at me moms 4 bout 4/5 days xx chocco well done on getting to end of herceptin not sure im having that ? only fec/dox? dont think i want the second one gonna see if can stay on fec? xx hope u both have good day xx


Cornishgirl, if you’ve got a year’s worth of Herceptin it’s DEFINITELY worth pushing for a portacath. They only need to be flushed every FOUR weeks rather than a PICC or Hickman that have to be flushed weekly, and once it’s in you can forget about it and get on with stuff like showering, swimming, etc etc. AND there’s a much lower risk of infection from it than from an external line. It’s more expensive to put in in the first place so they might be reluctant, but much lower maintenance costs during its lifetime. And the other downside is yet another scar, but I can live wtih that!

I haven’t really had much SE from Herceptin, other than a rather dodgy digestive system from the last couple, and a slightly drippy nose some of the time. Other people find it makes them really tired, but I have so much else going on in my life to make me tired, I wouldn’t be able to say whether it’s Herceptin or life that’s making me tired.

Quinny, some people find Docetaxel (TAX) easier than FEC because it tends not to come with as much nausea, others find it harder because it does make you really tired. But it’s a third-generation chemo and I’m sure it wouldn’t have been suggested if they didn’t feel you’d benefit from it.

Good luck.


_ Hi Chocie, i was offered the hickman or portacth but decided on the hickman as didnt want another GA lol i am haveing herceptin for a yr so shall see how it gos. Glad the SEs with the herceptin wernt too bad for you hope it kind to me too. I hated the hickman line at first but am adapting to it now it does make chemo a lot easier thats for sure. _
_ Donna, we can cross our chemos off together lol once you start it is surpriseing how quickly it seems to go, im fine today just a bit constipated grr but am stuffing prunes and useing the movical so should be ok in that dept very soon hopefully, its all the blooming steriods and sickness pills that tend to bung us up grrrr so just need to keep on top of it. Have been out and about again today so not doing too bad at all, im off the steriods now and will be off the sickness tabs after tonight, i havent needed any of the sickness top ups so thats a plus, im haveing taxotere and carboplatin + Herceptin so a tripple whamy grrr but as long as it blasts the bu**ers to bits itll all be worth it in the end .Keep those positve thoughts pet, once you get friday over with youll be ok ,its good that you have your mum to look after you and give you lots of TLC my mums my rock too while my hubby is at work lol, mums eh what would we do without them! _
_ Bigs hugs to everyone ,Linda xx _

thanks linda is movicol any good i have heard of so many lol …i bought some duloease my mom swears by it as she suffers with constipation and yes we can count down together hun xx u should join the june and july thread lo xx

You shouldn’t have to pay for it, make sure you get it prescribed and that you’ve got your prescription exemption certificate. See your GP’s surgery about it if you haven’t already.

hiya linda

i had the tax and carbo for my recurrence but without the herceptin as in TN… hope you dont suffer too much… i had my chemo on a thurs and was fine until sat night… mon morning ivwas really pants but by the following saturday i was almost human again.

its not a very common regime but its meant to be pretty strong.

good luck hunny xxx

hope you are ok today linda …im trying to b positive 4 tomoz xx

Thanks Lulu,hope your doing ok pet, im on day 4 of the Tax/Carbo and not doing to bad at the minute though still haveing probs with constipation grrrrr infact think im getting piles!! Nice! Not sure the movicol is doing it for me this time around but shall keep perservering with it as spoke to a pharmacist today and he said there wasnt anything stronger, its all the blooming meds isnt it ,remember it well from last time grrrrr, but other than that so far so good though early days for me . Tax/Carbo doesnt seem to be a very common chemo but good its strong stuff, hopefully itll blast the bu***r to bits.
Hi quinny, hope your doing ok , i shall be thinking of you tomorrow and sending lots of positive vibes your way ,keep those positive thoughts pet, youll do fine, massive big hugs to you,((((((0)))))) keep n touch and let me know how it all gos. Thinking of you.
Linda x

thank you linda have u tried lacalose i got some of docs as some of the ladies in june thread are using it and helping them in bout half an hour from taking it can u not rub a bit of anosol on them .i got some just incase but better ask if can use it first? xx

Hi everyone hope you are all doing ok, ive not been on here for a while as have had a horrible 5 days ,the chemo truck decided to hit me thursday and i feel like ive been chewed up put through the wringer and spat out again, the constipation has been chronic which has caused me bleeding piles and realy bad acid indijection which has resulted from the constipation and the food backing up its been vile for 72 hrs ,feel like my whole middle back, throat and gullet have been badly burnt, on top of everything else i have managed to get thrush (prob from the piles. The pain of it all has been excruiciating and i dont know how im gonna drag myself back there to do it all again.
Hubby had to call the out of hrs dr out sunday morning as i was loseing a lot of blood down the loo whcih was very scarey but was the result of the piles thankfully but dispite taking movical nothing was working ,my bathroom now resembles a pharmacy, ive been told to make up 1 and half liters with 8 x sachets movical to drink over six hrs ughhhh been given suppositories to use 2 as required.Proctosedyl Ointment to help numb the piles,and Canesten cream for the thrush,they have also doubled my Omeprazole to 2 tabs a day so taking 40mg now, also been told to keep taking 3 Metoclopramide a day as not only helps with sickness but heatburn and acid problems.
Hubby looks as washed out as i do bless.rdont think any of us has had much sleep the last five days as the stomache pains and acid has been rentlentless realy hope i dont have to get this bad every cycle or i dont think il get through it all.
Realy hope everyone else is not suffering too, my heart gos out to everyone who is not haveing an easy time of it. So much for my positivity and being prepared!
Hugs and much love to everyone, fingers crossed we will all feel much better soon.

Linda x