Back on the merry go round.

I was dx in May 2007. Chemo,mastectomy and rads then on to Arimidex. I noticed that I had a swelling in my armpit and my right arm is slightly bigger than my left. I went to my Gp and she has reffered me back to the clinic. Hopefully I have lymphoedema. I say hopefully as it is the lesser of 2 evils. I have an appointment on 19th March so playing the waiting game again. This is a real b****r of a disease as even though you try and get on with your life even with the lousy side effects of the treatment something else comes along and hits you. Moan over, I know there are lots of people much worse off than me and I’m happy to be alive but some days are downers. Hope everyone is as well and happy as possible and roll on the spring with some real daylight.