Back pain - what if? ...

Hi again ladies!

There have been so many things going on at home last year so i have not been able to post anything in here
Chemo and rads are were over by may 08, but now i’m really worried about how my back hurts.When i lie in bed the pain gets better.

My onc doesn’t want to send another bone scan as i had one done when diagnosed.
Can this pain be due to the arm? but still its not only one side, it’s almost the whole upper back

Thanks for replying, and sorry again for my bad english

Hi Paqui

If you would like to give the helpline a ring and have a chat with the staff here they may be able to offer you some support to help you through this. 0808 800 6000 lines are open at 9am today until 5pm, and throughout the week, Saturday 9am - 2pm.

Kind regards,
Jo, Facilitator

Hi Paqui, I sympathise with you about lying awake worrying about back ache. Sometimes the worry is worse than the reality, whatever it is. Maybe you could try some treatment for back pain such as physiotherapy or gentle exercises at home and see if that helps. I’ve had back pain for some months and got worried. Thankfully an x ray showed just mild degenerative disease i.e. old age! I know when my stomach muscles get weak through lack of exercise my back gets painful. I’ve read on other posts about people taking glucosamine- maybe that would help?
take care

Hi Paqui

I would go to see your doctor soon and tell him/her you are experiencing back pain before you think of any other type of treatment and ask him to investigate it rather than wait for another bone scan. MRI scans seem to be more effective in picking things up more than bone scans.