back pain

For many years[pre bc] I have had high back pain[between shoulders]if I am tired or have been working at desk or computer.In the last few months,since I started to become more active after finishing treat ment the pain is back.It takes very little to bring it on and it is worse on the right side although either/both sides can be affected.It never hurts at night,always goes after a rest and is mild to moderate rather than severe.My GP says it is definitely muscular caused by reusing muscles which had begun to atrophy.Onc agreed and said it was to be expected.Both prodded up and down my spine and said discomfort was in muscle areas.I am 63 so it could be partly age related.Just wondered if anyone else has experienced aches and pains while trying to get back to a semblance of normal.I now look after a 16 month old grandson 1 day a week and would like to be a little fitter by summer.Any help appreciated. love horace[Val]xx

Hello Horace. I have intermittent pain in my neck and the back of my head which worried me a lot at first. I had several sessions of physiotherapy which relieved the pain and also reassured me that it was only muscular. They think it was caused by lifting heavy stuff using my left arm because I was trying not to use my right which is my dodgy - axillary clearance arm. I’m very right handed and not used to using my left arm for heavy things. It’s also worse after I’ve been sitting at the computer especially if I forget and sit badly.
I keep fit generally by walking 2 miles every day .

Hope you feel better soon.
Anthi x