back stitches gaping after LD bilateral recon

back stitches gaping after LD bilateral recon

back stitches gaping after LD bilateral recon I have had a bi-lateral LD reconstruction (16 April 07) and every thing is fine with my new breasts but I have two gaping holes at the top of each scar on my back. I have recently had gel put on them to soften and remove the top layer (by the nurses). This had made them look even worse and I am due to see my surgeon next week.

Has anybody else had this problem with their back?

reply Hi Penny

I had a mastectomy and immediate LD reconstruction on my right breast in August 2006.

I didn’t have a hole on my scar as such, but did have a blister where tape had been about half way down the scar on my back which was not very nice to look at.

I had to keep getting it dressed and had a couple of different treatments for it until it dried up. That was about October 2006 and the skin is just about normal now.

I know this is not quite the same thing but I hope it helps a bit.

Love and take care

Hi Penny,
I had 1 LD recon/Mast in Nov 2006 and had a similar ptoblem with one part of the wound. It was about an inch long, and it did take a while to heal, but sped up considerably once they gave me the gel stuff. The nurses said I had sluff/slough? on the wound - that was the sort of whiteness on top that almost looked like a scab, but it wasn’t healing underneath it.
Once they used that, it took about 2/3 weeks to heal completely and since then it’s been fine. That part of the scar is quite red still, but it’s getting paler with time.
Good luck and I’m sure you’ll heal well now.

Thanks - Thanks for the info. I think I have the same as the doctors have said that the holes are going to have to heal from the bottom up. They said this could take about 6 weeks. We have to re-dress them everyday as they are still oozing. Thanks Im a bit more relaxed about it now.