Back to hospital, infection during taxotere

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Just wondering if anyone has caught a virus/bacterial infection whilst on taxotere? My sister was diagnosed with st 3 IDC +, or T3N17/26M2, in July of this year, she’s on her 2nd taxotere cycle and unfortunately she’s picked up an infection from somewhere so we’re back into hopsital, she really very sick, but nurses advise that we’ll just have to monitor her bloods and hope she’ll be out of it soon… Just under 3 weeks to her very chemo last cycle, christmas eve, does anyone have any advice on the last cycle? is it the worst?

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I had 3 FEC and 3 Taxotere last year. Finished in September 2007. My first Taxotere put me into hospital with high temp and neutropaenia (very low neutrophils i.e. 0.1!) I had an infection somewhere but they couldnt find it. Spent 5 days in hospital with IV antibiotics. In order to counter this my next two Taxoteres I was given an injection the day after my chemo in order to boost my white cells. I cant remember the name of this at the moment… I am battling chemobrain/menopause!! Im sure somebody else will know what Im talking about! This did the trick and I was not hospitalised again.

Hope your sister feels better soon and can get some help for herself int he future… especially as its over the Christmas break!

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Her neutrophils and whites were fine last night, but she had a temperature last night so they took more blood, hopefully those results will be back soon, although she seems to be doing better than yesterday. The haematologist seems to think its a virus. Bad timing eh…

Do you happen to know when to expect the chemo symptoms to subside after its finished?

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I found the symptoms after having Taxotere to get worse each time I had it i.e. more aching/pains and tiredness for the 3-10 days following it. It would then subside for me over the 3 weeks. If you mean when I finished chemo completely, then I think my extreme tiredness lasted for about 4 months after, then I was still tired but not as tired if that makes sense. Even now, 15 months later, I think I am much more tired than I was before my treatment. I often have to have little naps in the day! The aches and pains subsided quite quickly for me after I finished.

Hope this helps a little

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I had a neulasta injection with each cycle of taxotere after my 3rd one because of a serious infection.

After that I was ok thankfully, and didn’t suffer any more

There is another thread about side effects of chemo and how long they can last, have a look it might help:

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I didn’t have taxotere but had the neulasta injection after 7 of my 8 chemo cycles (hospital for me after 1st one as well with v low neutrophils). Worked a treat.

Re the after effects, I still have chemo brain & fatigue 12 months down the line - it’s normal so don’t worry like I did if your sister doesn’t feel better or has little niggles for ages after. I did feel a lot better after the chemo - probably the relief of getting through it - before surgery 4 weeks later.

Really hope your sister picks up & gets the last lot before Xmas. x

I went in to hosp after my first taxotere. after the initial entry via A&E the ward were very good and I had the IV antibiotics and was sent home on tablets. neve knew what it was.

I now have GCSF injection - which I do for 5 days each cycle and have not had any mor probs.

Hope your sister is home soon.

Yes this all sounds very familiar. I was taken into hospital via the ARU after just before my 3rd Tax, temp 39.6, neutropena, haemotoma etcWas in for 3 weeks on fluids, iv antibiotics etc, they also had to darin some yuk from my leg. Was let out after lots of begging with my onc on 16 tabs a day.
But that was the only blip in all my treatment apaert from usual side effects. I also had to have injections to boost blood cells.
Hope your sister recovers to enjoy Christmas


is it common to get ill after the first treatment??? My temp is no way as high as 38 or 39 but starting to rise so don’t know whether I should be worried or not?

hope you are feeling better.

I was told to ring ward/clinic if temp got to 37.5 and stayed up for 2 hours.

Thanks a lot for the replies,

She’s still in hospital, seems to be doing a lot better today however this evening she had a really bad nose bleed, I’m not sure but I would imagine this is an indication of low neutrophils? Anybody had nosebleeds on taxotere?

Thanks again for the information,

Yes, I had nosebleeds sometimes and always had a feeling of a gunged up nose.