back to work Tuesday

Hi Girls
hope everyone is ok.
I went to see the Occupational Health Nurse in work last week, to discuss my return to work, after a very long six months, she has arranged for me to just do 3 mornings, for two weeks, then increase slowly over the next few weeks, and all this with full pay.
I get so tired, in the afternoons, and it just suddingly comes over me, so I am grateful to her for arranging it, I am in one way really looking forward to getting back into the swing of things, without thinking about BC all the time, as I work in social services, I will be able to think about other peoples problems instead.
OHN really shocked me when she told me that just this week she had seen four other girls who work for the County Council with BC, it makes me wonder just how many of us their are.
Anyway as I say will be going back to work on Tuesday, lets hope I can get a bit of normality back into my life.
thinking of you all
loads of hugs

Good luck, Heather.

I returned to work three weeks ago, also on a phased return. I started on half days, too, gradually building up, and by the time I got to my first full day it was easier that I thought. I still get tired and on Wednesday I had to ask my mum to pick my daughter up from nursery so I could take a nap.

Just do what the doctor (or nurse) ordered, don’t try to do too much when you get home and you’ll be fine.


Best wishes on going back to work. I also started back on a phased return a few weeks ago and doing okay.

As Lola says just take your time and don’t try to do too much. I work for a local council as well and apparently there are lots of us in the same position. Do you think we should ask for danger money?

Love and take care