Back to work

Back to work

Back to work Hi All,

Have been called back for a second interview for a job I would really like to do. I am a bit concerned however as how I broach the subject of Breast Cancer, it obviously was not mentioned at the first interview, my BC nurse advised me not to unless I was called back for a further interview…I am now a little worried I am due for an interview at 10.30am and do not know how to mention it…Wish now I had done it at the first interview, am worried now that this will hamper my chances…Anyone else gone through this…

Never mind will give it my best shot and let you know later how i got on.

Love Elaine

hi well done on getting your second inteview, regarding the bc just be honest with them ,after all they must have seen something in you to have called you back!1 the illness is just another part of you probably that has made you stronger and thats what they see ? i really dont know how they will react but it shoulnt make any differance to how you carry out your work ,i wish you all the best keep us posted ,good luck and BIG HUGS love lynn xx

Back home Hi back home now, just called into to get a manicure on the way home…thought i would treat myself.

The second interview went very well and he is going to let me know this afternoon or tomorrow at the latest.

So keep everything crossed for me, (and you Jez need you) This would be the icing on the cake after the rough roller coaster I have been on this last 12 months (see previous posts…you will know mine because most of them are black in colour and smudged from the tears.

Promise I will wake you if you fall asleep while reading them…lol…

Thanks for your hugs etc,


PS Still bright yellow…not going to let it fade…

Everything Crossed Hiya Elaine

Got everything crossed, and I mean everything!!!

You deserve some good news, but it looks like you’re getting loads anyway, with your grandson, belated Christmas day etc. etc., so how can this not be good!

You certainly sound happier and I am sooooooo pleased, you make me smile when I read your posts now compared to your earlier ones - you go girl!!

Keep up with the treats - you deserve them.

Let us know, I’ll be waiting with the bubbly.

Love & mirror hugs

Julie x