Back to work?

Hello all, I had a lumpectomy with lymph note removal over a week ago still awaiting histology and have needed second MRI this time of the Liver, I have to also go to see a genetics doctor and the fatality clinic . I was given a sick note for 2 weeks and yes I feel ok I myself pain appers to be ok for the majority of the time and i have been struggling with low mood ect I gather is quite normal, I was just wanting to know how long did you find that you needed of work?? I’m 29 and quite fit and well and work as a community nurse, I just don’t want to rush back but at the same time while I at home I’m over thinking things??

It varies so much.  I had about 10 days off after my diagnosis, not physically ill but not able to concentrate on anything.  In the end I needed just to try to get some normality back before surgery - sitting at home looking at 4 walls made me feel worse.  But you need to decide for yourself - everyone is different and gets their support from different places / people. xx

P.S. I had 4 weeks off after mastectomy and reconstruction (was advised to take 4 - 6 weeks off) - that felt about right to me and helped me feel like life was getting back to normal.

Hi. I’m still off because of complications but I would have gone asap to stop myself over thinking things. Can you do a phased return? Are you back driving already?
I would wait until you’ve had your results and then see but it’s definitely a double edged sword. Sorry I’ve been no help whatsoever xx

Hi thank you for getting bk to me I havnt got a appointment with the consultant until the 23rd June I honestly don’t think I can wait that long ? I’m going to talk to work about it and see what they say I can’t believe I’m worry about it with everything else that’s going on it should be the least of my worries!