bad cold on chemo

hi all
ive caught my sons cold. my temp is keeping below the magical 37.5 and i take it before i take lepmip or paracetamol to check im not masking anything
bunged up, sore throat and slightly hard to breath usual cold stuff
i had chemo a week ago so suppose im at my lowest now
cant sleep either and a bit dizzy
anything i should be looking out for in perticular to make me worried enough to go to hospital?

also have saw jawup near ears??
anyadvice please as i know in the dead of night i will worry myself sick lol


Hi, I have also just had a bad cold but no temp. When I rang oncology suite they wouldn’t entertain doing the chemo, so it was delayed for a week.

I now have an earache and a slight cough so am worried about going ahead. Had bloods taken today, so I expect if they are ok then chemo will go ahead tomorrow.

Incidentally, I had my swine flu and seasonal flu jabs with a rotten cold and have been fine. They were just concerned with the temp again.

If you are feeling really unwell the best advice I can give is to ring your chemo suite and ask for their advice, even if it’s in the middle of the night. Mine are very good and will reassure you or invite you in if they are concerned.

Good luck and hope you feel better soon.

Take care. Love and hugs, Debbie. xx

i rang them and they said they are happy for me to stay home tonight provided i get no worse

if i feel the same tomorrow they want me to go in
she didnt say what for, i presume bloods?

Hi, I would imagine it would be for bloods to see if you need antibiotics or anything. Colds don’t respond to antibiotics though, so maybe is to see if you have any underlying infection that you need medication for.

Good luck. Debbie. xx

i had to go in today as temp went up and cough worse
they did bloods and listened to chest
bloods good enough for me to come home
they gave me antibiotics to take if i get any worse to save me going back in which was good