Bad News Update - it's not as bad as we first thought

Well - after the drama of Friday and my weekend of uncontrollable sobbing on various members of my new family… Today I went to Wythenshawe for my latest saline infill of my expanders…

My Breast Cancer Care nurse asked me how I felt about Friday’s oncologist appointment. After several minutes of confused looks, it seemed that the impression we both got from the oncologist (doom and gloom and 3 years left) was wrong…

I definitely have secondary bone cancer - in my spine and my pelvis… however…

I have a benign polyp on my right ovary and the stuff they found in my liver is too tiny to definitely confirm as cancer - my oncologist on Friday basically made it out as ‘it probably is cancer’… I do have fluid around/in my lungs, but no actual tumour…

So all the info he gave on Friday, all lead towards the idea it’s all cancer, but it’s not. After chatting with my Breast Cancer Care nurse today I feel a lot more at ease. I now have a clearer indication at what I am facing…

I have an appointment with my bone consultant tomorrow afternoon, to discuss what he wants to do about my fragile femur… hip replacement now or later? I will have to have biosphonates (sp?) that much I do know.

So - although the prognosis is bad, I have cancer in my pelvis and 2 vertebraes in my spine, the overall thoughts and opinions of my health have been vastly improved since Friday.

Thank you to EVERYONE who commented to my last post - it is greatly appreciated!!

What a roller coaster you have been on for the past few days.

Its incredible to think what damage misrepresenting things to you has caused.

Still onwards and upwards. I am pleased to read the more positive side.


What a brave lady you are and I am also pleased to read a more positive side also, I cant put into words how inspiring you are in in the face of it, looking at things so positively when faced with what you are going through…

best wishes hugs and cuddles

Hi again, I had my hip replacement in 2003, I had a fracture whilst walking home from work. I then had my breast cancer diagnosis.
My new hip is great, I forget it’s a replacement. I’ve been having bisphosphonates since early 2004 and my bones are strong and pain free.
I read somewhere else that you were asking if there were others with mets in their 20’s and 30’s.
I’m in my 40’s but lots of others who post here are much younger than me.
Best Wishes…xx

Hi June

That’s much better news - Well sort of! I have been thinking about you on and off all weekend and was talking about you today on my way to Christies for my radiotherapy. I am so glad it is not as bad as you first thought.

Lots of love. Julie.


I’ve been thinking about you all weekend and I was so pleased to see your update, that’s great news that its not so bad as you orginally thought.

Sending you lots of positive vibes and hugs and whatever else you need to pull yourself through this.

Take care


Hi Poannie

Really pleased to hear that your news is not as bad as you first feared. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

god bless.


Hi Poannie

Just to say whatever happens you are in my thoughts and prayers. It is fantastic that your prognosis is so much more positive that you thought. Im so pleased for you.