bad shoulder still

have had an achey shoulder since rads finished in feb, have tried loads of different medications and nothing works,it feels like ive lifted something heavy,and i get a fullness in my armpit. the pain is so bad it keeps me awake some nights. ive had a bone scan so its not cancer in my joint. i get the ache down to the crook of my elbow, does anyone else have these symptoms?i was told it could be nerve damage, i due to go back to work in october so need to know if this will affect my as ive had 18 mnths out already thanks lynn x

Hi Aroma, I finished my rads mid November 06, and still have trouble with my arm, from the shoulder to under my elbow, feels heavy and uncomfortable, also very numb, disturbs me at night. When I mention it, and I do at every check up, I am just told it’s nerve damage, and may, or may not improve, but it’s still early days. Last time I spoke to my surgeon about it, he replied with a nice smile, it’s a small price to pay…he made me think twice about mentioning it again :slight_smile:
Best wishes


oh marge i know how you feel about not making a fuss!! doctors just have no idea just what a big thing pain is to us as we always think its something more sinister. looks like i’ll just have to get used to it like you say it coul;d be temporary ,but somehow i dont think so hope your ok speak soon love lynn xx

Hi Aroma, my radio finished 3 years ago but I had exactly the same pain down to my elbow as you this year. Was worse at nights and would wake in the morning with little finger and next finger numb/pins and needles. Like you had bone scan to check for secondaries and that was clear. Surgeon said that the nerve was the most common nerve damaged during surgery and nothing could be done about it!! I was paranoid as well it was lymphodemea setting in as it felt so heavy but apparently not. Anyway it has eased by doing lots of those exercises they give you after the original op that we are meant to do for ever and I didn’t (bit like my pelvic floor exercises after birth!!) I found gentle swimming was helpful too. Try to keep it moving without straining it and see what happens.
Good Luck
Sarah x

I also had shoulder pain though mine didn’t travel down the arm. I also had a bone scan and took pain killers and anti inflamatories but eventuallly I got my GP to refer me to physio. After just 1 session followed by exercises at home, I felt much better, and after three the pain was virtually gone.

It turned out it was referred pain from my neck. I now sleep with a rolled up towel in my pillow case at the base of my pillow. This gives firm support for the neck.

Hope you can get help soon.


Hi All

I finished rads in June 06 and still have bad shoulder pain. I have been diagnosed with a frozen shoulder which is apparently a common side effect of lymph gland removal . I have just had ten sessions of physio and have been given exercises to do at home but as soon as I forget to do them it is back. Apparently it will never completely go but everyone seems to think “It’s a small price to pay”. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr!! How many more "small prices " are we supposed to suffer.??

Alise x

i think its a large price to pay! no sleep constant pain, what else are we supposed to do .i know i should be grateful to be still here but somtimes i get so fed up with the constant pain, it is very wearing. i do exercise for my arm but as yet havent had any relief, i cant take strong pain relief as im oppiate allergic. i was given pain patches but had to come off them due to sickness. sorry if this sounds like a moan but its good to let off steam sometimes! have to have a dhhs medical tuesday as they think im a malingerer what do they think ive had a virus! . i wish. speak soon lynn xx

well seems the doc at the medical thinks ill have trouble returning to work as my arm has lymphodemia, great just when i was ready to get back to relatively normality!! still determined to return to work, does anyone know if i can get a support for my arm on prescription? not sure what the actuall treatment is for lymphodemia. lynn x

Hi Aroma you should ask your bc nurse to refer you on to the lymphodema clinic if that is the case. Good skin care and massage should help, also a compression sleeve can be supplied for you to use. Dont just get a tubigrip style bandage from your gp !