Hi Everyone,


I hope someone can help with some advice.   I’ve finished chemo on October 10th and have started rads last week.   Ever since my last chemo, I’ve had a bad taste and central chest pain after eating.


I’ve been taking 30mg of lansoprazole and it’s not working, my GP has suggested increasing it to 60mg.


Has anyone else experienced this?


Kind Regards


Robbie Jane

Indigestion is a common side effect of chemo. It can feel like chest pain rather than a stomach issue, like a heart attack! I had it after chemo 2 until I was given Omeprazole. I think if you increase your dose of the drug, as suggested by your GP, you should be ok. Anne x

I also had this after my first Chemo Lanzoprozole worked for me. Try increasing dose then go back if not working there are other drugs that can be tried.