Bald Moments :) For a laugh....

Just thought I’d counter all my ranting with some humour :slight_smile:

Had 3 very funny Bald Moments this week. I often don’t wear anything on my head at home or in our very open front yard, all my neighbours know and frankly, I don’t like wearing hats/scarves/wigs.

  1. There are builders working on a house over the street, I went out with some washing to hang it on the line, in very clearly female clothing, this builder across the street was staring and staring as he walked out of the house and then walked straight into a SKIP and yelped. I laughed, waved and said “morning” in a sing song voice. LOL.

  2. I was talking with the lady next door, over the railings. Her 2 year old granddaughter came outside and was staring at me open mouthed. My neighbout looked a bit embarrased and said “Say hello to the lady” and her granddaughter said “you mean the man” and she went BRIGHT RED and said “No, that is a lady not a man” and proceeded to apologise profusely to me, red in the face. Out of the mouths of babes eh? Didn’t bother me, I laughed my head off.

  3. My stepdaughter has a friend over the play, when she came around I was upstairs in teh shower, she came down later for dinner, I totally forgot that her mate doesn’t know I’ve got no hair now, so I was sat on the couch, bald as a coot and her mate stopped stock still and stared and looked really awkward. My stepdaughter didn’t notice and wandered into the kitchen, her mate eventually followed.
    I didn’t get chance to explain to her mate as I normally do.
    They went to the shop later and she must have told her because she asked if she could try my wig on :smiley:

Am LOVIN’ the builder story - serves him right for staring! What a hoot, and so glad you got the chance to laugh!

Fortunately it’s not robbed me of a sense of humour :slight_smile: I’d be slitting my wrists if it wasn’t for having a good old belly laugh at least once a day!

Love the builder! Sounds like somethign off an old comedy! I was in tesco this morning with a “thing” on my head, and one of the older checkout ladies was all dressed up 1920’s style, comlete with long blond wig. I said “it’s better than mine” and whipped my “hat” off… she laughed and said “bless you, how are you doing”… and it was an altogether really nice little encounter…

Excellent El K! It so helps to see the funny side.
I haven’t had an funny moments yet, but did laugh to myself the other day when my sister in law came round.
She thought I’d had a fabulous hairdo. I could see she was confused because she knew I should be bald really. I felt obliged to ask if she wanted to feel Hattie.
I think she was gobsmacked!

I have had a few bald moments this week.Well not so much bald but wig and hat moments.
First a woman from slimming world came and asked me if i had just attended a meeting that morning. I said no but look round the corner ,she looked and saw my sister .Oh yes she said it was that lady .Bearing in mind im ten years older than my sister and i had a wig on i asked… be carefull how you answer but do we look like each other. And she replied …Well its your hair its both the same. My sisters face was a picture she wanted me to take my wig off and say no it isnt and wave it at her lol .
Then my sister took me for chemo and i was saying that i could taste the liquid in my throat as they gave me it. Thinking she was being helpful she suggested i get a lolly to suck on. Im not kojak i replied … the woman serving nearly wet her pants said we had made her day and worse still my sister had never heard of kojack!!!
So i think the laughs were certainly on her this week .

I’ve had a few wig/bald moments.

I tend to keep my wig in the car and only wear it when going round the supermarket, etc. I often forget that people may be watching when I whip it off again. Sometimes it comes off as soon as I’m in the car, other times it comes off while I’m driving…

So far I’ve made a woman trip quite badly, a van driver stall at a set of traffic lights and numerous double takes!

When I first wore wig number 1 and visited my parents, my dad said " you’ve grown your hair, it looks nice" … bless … he didn’t know it was a wig and even rang my sis in Oz snd told her how amazing it was that my hair was longer on chemo!!!

People at the office sometimes say how nice my hair looks.
I warn them not to annoy me or I will take it off and throw it at them.