Banana AND (what's your favourite sandwich?)

Following on from the “person below me” thread when Chebsy mentioned banana and salad cream sandwiches (eeeewwwwwww!). What’s your favourite?

Banana and marmite

cheese and marmalade

It just has to be BLT

banana and cream cheese and raisins

or apple & cheese
or cheese & lemon curd on digestive biscuits

Fish Finger
Cheese and jam

bacon, cheese and beetroot - Yummy!

Actually - I get two courses out of my banana!

First banana and salad cream followed by banana and caster sugar and cinnamon

1)banana and brown sugar
2)fried egg and ketchup
3)tuna and mayonnaise

peanut butter and jam

Banana and jam [strawberry is best]

tuna and onion
egg and scallion (spring onion)

I do so hope Fizbix joins this thread because you would not beleive what she can put in a sandwich LOL!!!

I can imagine LOL

I have a few favourite sanwiches

  1. Cheese and marmite
  2. Baked bean and melted cheese
  3. Bacon and egg with brown sauce

chicken salad with chips and mayonaise in wholemeal bread
or a fried bread sandwich ie a slice of fried bread in between normal bread

Hello Ladies

Listed below are a few of my favourites:

Bacon/egg with brown sauce
Tuna and red onion mayo
Fried egg and lots of black pepper
A nice crisp sandwich
Egg mayo and crisps


Fried bread sandwich?!!??! Mmmmmm - I love fried bread! I’m getting hungry reading some of these!

Hi Annmarie - like Neleh - am intrigued- what do you fry the bread in and do you add condiments? Also do you butter the sandwich bit?

Walkers cheese and onion crisps with philadelphia (or any other cream cheese) Yuuuuuuuum!! :o)