Basal Breast cancer

Hello I wonder if anyone hear of a term ‘Basal breast cancer’ it is said that around 80-90% triple negatives are basal breast cancer. This term is more frequently used in the US.

I believe it is a type of cell and I heard the statistic another way. i.e. that 78% of basal like tumours are triple negative, so whatever way you look it at, there is definitely a link. My pathology report said ‘basaloid features’.

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i,ve had basal cell skin cancer(just goes a long the skin in most cases)is it same?but in breast,had breast cancer too,

Basal cells are the outer layer of breast cells (I think!) Basal cell breast cancer starts in the basal cells.

I thought it was 70% of triple negative breast cancer which is basal cell…commoner in younger women and women of African origin.

Sometimes basal cell and triple negative are used interchangeably but they are not the same.

My oncologists think my own triple negative breast cancer is probably not basal like because though I have advanced progression (neck and chset wall) cancer has spread less quickly than anticipated at original diagnosis (23 positive nodes in 2003.)


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my cancer is a basal cell type and it is also triple negative as most are… but as JaneRA says they are both subtypes of breast cancer and you can have one but not the other in the minority of cases.

this research article is quite techinical in places but gives you more detail about basal cell type triple negative tumours… it also says that about 70% of triple negative tumours are of the basal cell type…

Hi Lulu…thanks for link to this article. Yes technical but very interesting.


my cancer is also triple-neg basal cell.

There was no mention of ‘basal’ in my pathology report.I seem to be atypical in terms of triple neg as mine was Grade2 with no node involvement and I was 62 at dx as well as having no African heritage.I know that my tn status is the reason I had such aggressive treatment of my primary bc-4xfec and 4xtaxotere then rads.
The article was quite encouraging in terms of research of future treatment for mets but I wish we could have targetted follow up treatment[like Herceptin or hormonals]as one does feel so adrift after treatment has finished,a bit like living with an unexploded bomb under the house.


I was diagnosed in August 08 with triple negative bc. Tumour < 1cm grade 2 no node or vascular invasion. I was 55yrs post menopausal at the time. I was offered surgery and radio. Due to my tn status I asked why I was not offered chemo, oncologist advised that tn status alone would not determine the treatment offered. He said that node involvement would have been a deciding factor in offering chemo. However, I do strongly agree that being tn is scarey as there are no targeted treatments. It is like sitting on a time bomb.

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As I said above I had no node involvement-mine was 2 cm so maybe that is why-I was led to believe all tns had chemo but obviously not.

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just wanted to say how treatments must differ from place to place as my consultant said that all triple-negs are offered chemo, as there is not much more they can offer.
i am triple-neg myself 3 times dx and chemo twice with one waiting in the wings. yuk
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