Baths after Radiotherapy??

How long after radio finishes can you have a bath?? My ‘area’ is dark and everything but thats only happened this last week as i finished on seot 5th but dying for a long soak…am i allowed?

Im still having baths, nobody told me I couldnt???

I had 6+ weeks of rads and had a bath every day during the time - I don’t have a shower so there was no choice. At planning session they started with the list of dos and don’t and when they came to the ‘turn the temperature of the shower down…’ I told them I didn’t ahve a shower - so they said ‘ok - when you go in the bath don’t have it steaming hot’. I was of course advise no bubble bath, bath oils, perfumed soap etc and this was to continue for a period of time afterwards … I just continued with the simple bath/shower gel for about a month afterwards.

If your skin has split at all pay particular attention to that area when getting dried and make sure it’s not left damp or it could invite infection.

Thank you ladies! I am now off for a long soak in a product free tepid bath with a large glass of Pinot…:wink:

that sounds good! How long after can you start shaving underneath the arms and wearing deodarant?

Good question actually, I wondered the same (had bath - it was lush…!)

out of interest was the adivce about bubble baths etc because it could affect the effect of the rads or just because it could irritate the skin?

I always use really gentle stuff anyway but no way am I giving up my baths, no way on this earth, they’d have to come live with me to stop me LOL.

You can take my wine, my pate and prawns (chemo diet) but I draw the line at baths, a girl needs her luxuries eh :wink:


YOHHHHHHHHHHH - i was told NO SOAKING in the bath!

we are all told different things

just look after your skin

I shaved my armpits throughout radiotherapy as they weren’t aiming the radiation at my armpit


I didin’t have armpit done specifically, but I was told no shaving under affected side for 3 weeks after last radio, and never with razor except electric. I do though - I’m far more dangerous with electric that anything else.


before I started rads I used some hair removing cream, that worked well, I think I am too scared to shave now!

Hi all

On the subject of underarm shaving you may be interested in reading this publication which contains some advice following axillary surgery if that’s applicable to you:

I hope you find this useful.

Kind regards

Hi Lucy, I cant get into that site!

Hi Bessie

I have cut and pasted the link and it came up ok, if you have no luck you can access all our publications via the homepage under ‘Information’, then ‘Publications’, good luck! You can call the helpline and have one sent out to you too on 0808 800 6000 Mon-Fri 9am-5pm and Sat 9am-2pm.

Best wishes


thanks Lucy, I dont know how to cut and paste yet!! So will phone tomorrow for one to be sent out!

I think the no shaving under the arms was maybe related to having the lymph nodes removed, as I did… and consequently had and still have no sensation in the whole area ( 16 months after surgery )… and as there’s no sensation, it would be easier to nick yourself and not realise. I was told not to shave on that side during radiotherapy and then to only use an electric shaver. I stuck to this for a while, but have to admit that I now use a regular razor, but very carefully!


I use a Venus razor very carefully too, but since I had my nodes out I’ve hardly had any underarm hair on that side and I am 2 years post surgery now.

To Vertangie, the stuff about perfumed baths is to do with anything scented irritating the skin. I just used Simple bath foam, shower gel and soap and if I used perfume, just on the wrists. I’m nearly 18 months on from rads and am still using Simple stuff as I still get a redness on the rads side.

I was told by my physio that a blade razor shouldn’t be used in case you nick yourself. This could allow infection to enter and cause lymphodoema problems - no other reason.