Am hoping for some guidance/opinions on this problem. I have mets to pleura, liver and bones, and have recently completed 6 cycles of combined taxotere/herceptin, which had promising results. I’m now on herceptin/exemestane, until the next scan on 28th of this month.
Several times, when having a bath, I end up in a lot of pain, for anything up to 24 hours, in the site of the tumour in the pleura. Am assuming that the temperature of the water (which I don’t have too hot), must in some way be contributing to this. I’m pretty fit, so it’s not the physical effort in getting in and out of the bath which is the problem.
Has anyone else had this problem? I’ll be sticking to showers from now on, but it’s such a pity, as I used to enjoy a soak in the bath-just another of life’s little pleasures which I’ll have to forego!

hum - I am almost the same - I have th aadditionof a tumour on the outside of my aorta.

not had the bath problem - but then I cannot get down in the water because I have a groshong line in - so I just sit there - it is not the same a a good soak.

worth asking - could be the temerature - have you still got fluid?

I have had 2 Taxotere having had 3 Epirubicin. Herceptin no use to me.

best wishes Gill

A friend who used to work in a hospice has just suggested that the dilatation of the blood vessels could be causing additional pain in the site of the tumours. I don’t have the water too hot nowadays, as this has happened before, and like you, tend to sit (as I have a Hickman Line), rather than lie too deeply in it. I’ve felt all along that the temperature is triggering something (I dream that it’s killing off the nasty blighters, in which case I’d hapily sit submerged all day!), Seriously, it’s such a shame to have to do without what used to be a comforting and relaxing experience.

I suspect that the fluid may be building up again…it’s got that kind of feeling to it. I had my lung drained last November, and the pain at that stage is similair to how the area now feels most of the time-uncomfortable, but not painful as it was after the bath. My next scan is on the 28th, so all will be revealed then, in terms of progression/fluid build up…or perhaps I’ll still be stable, as I was at my last scan in August. Fingers crossed!