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I wasn’t sure where to post this but does anyone else here write a blog about their BC experiences? I started a blog when I was diagnosed and although I had a year off posting on it I’m now blogging with renewed fervour. Along with reading the posts on here I’m finding it really helpful just getting everything down in words and it’s been interesting for me reading my old posts - and realising how far I’d come and how much I’ve forgotten! Just curious as I haven’t alighted on any other BC blogs yet and would love to read about other’s experiences. So…share your blogs here!
Mine is gotitsup.blogspot.com/

Hugs to all


Fiestyblueghecko on Wordpress along with pinchypants are the two I follow. Enjoy x

Hi Kerry

There’s a thread here where other forum users have posted about their blogs


I don’t think I’d come across yours before, so I’ll take a look now.

Best wishes

I do a bit on my own web site and on Face book. cant put web site up on here as not allowed.

Thanks for the replies girls! Will take a look at those blogs SM422 and thanks Leah for the link :). Going to spend a sunday afternoon reading and drinking tea.


my blog can be found here:


love chez. xx

Thanks Chez. It would be great if you could add your blog to the blogging thread here breastcancercare.org.uk/forum/blogs-and-blogging-t25390s36.html - It’s getting to be a really good list of everyone’s blogs.