BC narrowed to 10 sub-types. Will revoutionise treatment

Latest news on the radio tonight. After looking at the genetic make-up of thousands of BC tissue samples, Scientists have been able to establish that BC has 10 specific genetic sub types. Scientists are now starting trials to devise treatments geared towards the genetic sub-type of the cancer, rather than the stage or grade.
Seems to me this is an exciting development. This will allow Doctors to predict how a cancer will behave, and devise much more individualised, targeted treatments.

Yes it sounded good to me too! They want to start trialing it…

This is such promising news, especially for those of us who’ve gone through the disappointment of a treatment not working, even after enduring the horrible SEs. And when you see how effective Herceptin has been for so many, the thought that we may get something equally powerful for the other nine sub-types some day will give such hope further down the line. You never know, it may even stop some of the irresponsible reporting of “one size fits all wonder drugs”… Or is that just wishful thinking!

As one who was given the “belts and braces” treatment for my breast cancer I think it is fantastic news that women in the future will have treatments tailored to their specific cancer group.

Brilliant news. I’m going to have a dig around to find the actual report rather than just the news headlines so I can understand a bit more. (Anyone got a linky?)

MUCH hope from this, as the “belt and braces” approach is all very well but if the treatment isn’t appropriate for the type, we get all the SEs without the benefits, and keeping your fingers crossed isn’t the best way to get on with life after treatment.

just seen this on 10 oclock news. cancer research guy said that work/trials would start asap based on these findings.


This is excellent news. Thanks for bringing it to our attention x

Sounded good to me too. Hope to find out a bit more.Lets hope …

There’s an article on the Cancer Research UK site under the ‘News’ section which describes the research and the 10 different clusters. Also takes you to the Nature article but I think you can only read the abstract online without subscribing.

Courtesy of the news section of the BBC website bbc.co.uk/news/health-17740690 , here’s the linky to the research article.

it takes you to the abstract. I can’t see how the abstract tells you about ten subtypes though, a bit puzzled by the process here.

BBC have quoted comments by prof Carlos Caldas and also by Cancer Research UK who report it here info.cancerresearchuk.org/news/archive/pressrelease/2012-04-18-breast-cancer-rule-book-rewritten?rss=true
and here scienceblog.cancerresearchuk.org/2012/04/18/increasing-the-resolution-on-breast-cancer-the-metabric-study/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+cancerresearchuk%2FSHhE+%28Cancer+Research+UK±+Science+Update%29

Unfortunately i’m too tired tonight to try to translate it. It’s called Metabric and the last of those linkies seems to be the most informative.

ChristineMH has also started a thread about this news, and has a very good link which explains why genetic profiling is so important.

Thanks Lemongrove for posting this as it’s very interesting. Hymil that last link you posted is very informative - thanks. Elinda x