BCC few days away - part two

Hello Due to popular demand it seems like a good idea to book another BCC Forum Girlie weekend away (or mid week which ever suits everyone) around the end of April start of May avoiding Bank Hols (but again whatever suits everyone) i have started a list and so far this has Hayz, CWM, Daisyleaf, Flashann, KittyW, LittleH, Anna35. Those interested please PM me

Rhian xxx

just got back from the centreparcs trip and totally recommnend it - best therapy ever! Unfortunately don’t think i can make april/may as i have 2 hen weekends, 2 weddings and a 30th birthday weekend away planned (none of them my own i might add!) So think the old pennies will be a bit tight and baby sitter (AKA Dad) might start getting a bit miffed off!!)
But i highly recommend it to everyone.

bumping for purdey!!!

Thank you, Daisyleaf. I have PM’d Rhian. xx

Go for it Girls - better than therapy!!!

Hey All

How many have we got on the list so far?

…been looking at the girls pics from CP & it looks like it was a whole lotta fun…and therapy!

Hazel x