BCC girlies trip to Centre Parcs

Hi all

Thought I would start a new thread for those of us who are heading off to Nottingham CP in January - god help us!

Lots of love and strength to you all!

Shenagh xx

just wondered if anyone is booking any activities in advance? I’m debating whether or not to take my bike…i’ve not been on it since july and as i cant walk up to my bedroom without getting out of breath at the moment i think it may be a little ambitious of me to expect to be able to make much use of it!!

I’m not one of those going, but just wanted to say what a great idea to book up en masse at Center Parcs!

I’m sure you will all have a wonderful time.



Hi Pixie, that sounds like far too much hard work lol. To be honest, the only activities I am thinking about is something nice and relaxing in the spa, oh, and lots and lots of talking!

Thanks Bahons2 - we are going to make sure there are lots of piccies!


About 15 of us on the Storm Riders thread met up a couple of weeks ago for the weekend. If it is anything like ours you will all have a fantastic time as it was a coming together of a special bunch of women whose friendship and support has seem me through the madness of this year,am sure you will find the same.
Hope you all have a great time with plenty of scoffing,drinking and laughs.

Sandra x

i was planning on chilling and relaxing, eating crap and drinking oodles of alcohol and laughing my ass off… the thought of doing anything any more energetic than walking to the fridge to refill my glass brings tears to my dry eyes.

I suggested we take stout walking boots, gortex jackets and rock climbing shoes; I thought caro and shazza fox were going to lynch me lol!!!
I’m foning the spa tomorrow to make sure they will let us use it - the girl in the bookings office said today that they may not let us use it on account of it being less than 6 month since our last treatment chemo or rads - so I’m going to negotiate with 'em!
I also plan on a bit on bonding over a meal and a wee dram!
Bahrons and sandra thank you for your lovely comments xxxxx
Re the food and drink

  1. bring own booze and breaky stuff
  2. kitty for rest?
    thanks for staring this tread She - I’m off to bed now toodooles (spot the film thats from xxxx)
    btw She have you stopped crying over that film now or are you still an snot ball of tears ? you soft love xxxx

rach thougt you were going to bed at 3am - see i am being moterly already - I might be hiring the mobility scooter when i get there as still will have one TAX to go on the following wed.

Cava - prawns - pizza - whatever - what if we dont get in te spa??? I will bring footspa and facemasks and we have our own spa/pyjama party - Bring all my philosophy goodies - think i need a campervan to bring all my gear in!!!

Cant wait… DG is getting jeolous cos I want to take my new one. xxxxxx

Hi everybody, Ihope you have a brilliant time at center parcs. I thought I’d better let you know that the spa there will not let you do most of the treatments or use the steam rooms if you are having chemo, unless you lie on the long medical form(not that I’M suggesting for a moment that you do that) I managed to persuade them that it was quite safe to have a facial whilst on herceptin.
love nicky

I really hope you all enjoy yourselves. We went to Center Parcs at Whinfell just after I finished rads in spring 2007. We were advised to try and get a break before I started Taxotere/Herceptin. I was desperate to get away, but too tired to travel far, so I needed somewhere quiet with a lot of things on site so my OH didn’t get bored. This was just the ticket, I had a couple of days where I was fatigued and didn’t feel like going out, but my OH got a bike and went cycling. I took my meditation CDs and just chilled,it was lovely just watching the wildlife by the patio doors and we watched a DVD and had a glass of wine in the evenings with a log on the fire.

We actually went back again 6 months later, by that time I was 3 months post chemo, had short hair and more energy to enjoy things. On the day we drove home it was the anniversary of my diagnosis, so we went to the Angel of the North. I waited until nobody else was there and I put my arms around it - it just felt right and enabled me to let go of some very emotional stuff.

I’m so excited cant wait to meet you all!!
they had better let us in the spa thats as energetic as I’m going to get!
love debs xxxx

I went to a spa for a few days last week and wasn’t allowed a massage under any circumstances as it was less than 6 months after finishing chemo. I had to sign my life away to go on the toning tables but I was allowed a facial and a manicure. Enjoy Center Parcs.
Nicky x

Cherub - wow a big happy thank you, you have just made cry with emotion of it all - the image of you and the angel is so powerful thankyou thank you thank you!!!

yes the spa are being a bit difficult - strange cos i went to a spa last week and had full massage, facial etc and came out feeling lovely and sleek - I still looked like the unholy result of a paring with a pig and uncle fester but there we go lol

Girls I need your size for the T shirts

again mrs focka thinks she can them done for about 4 quid - white but with pink sparkly writing - thinking caps on for the wording something short but sweet?

Also shazza would like a pink theamed nite out? I saw some pink fluffy stetsons in asda ( supposed to be for a hen nite but WTH!)
Rite off to get dressed builders will be here any mo and i don’t want anothe rgas man episode now do i?

Oh my god, no Rach, hope you got clothes on now or one of the trusty DG’s. Strange re spas, I rang hotel we are staying at for weekend to book a hot stone massage and they wanted a letter from ONC, so spoke to him and he has written me one which came today with three copies! So that is good… Happy to go with the flow, not sure how I’ll be post-op so won’t be doing anything energetic (but hope I can use rapids!!) Stetsons sound great, will take a look tomorrow! Have emailed you too!

Still following this thread enviously and remembering all the great times I’ve had at Center Parcs over the years!

Don’t forget girls, to be nice to your ‘bad’ arms regarding hot tubs, saunas and massages, etc.

Going a delicate shade of green here…:slight_smile:

X to all


OMG not able to use the spa, what are we going to do? i’m (was) so looking forward to the spa and the rapids(love those rapids). What do they think is going to happen to us…are we going to explode or something. I’m going to the sanctuary in London in the new year and when spoke to them they just said that i needed a letter from my Doctor to say i was ok to have treatments.



I don’t think the rapids would be too much of a problem (as I remember them)???

The problem with hot tubs and saunas, etc, is that the heat is a risk factor for lymphoedema (and it is just that, a risk, not a certainty - it’s often possible to sit in a hot tub with your ‘at-risk’ arm out of the water). A hot bath at home poses a similar problem.

If you have a massage, you’re also best avoiding whichever upper quadrant was affected by bc and its treatment.

Neither spas nor doctors are likely to be really up to speed with the risk of developing lymphoedema. You might find your bcn has more idea about the precautions to take.

Are there other things in the spa that you can have that don’t involve heat or ‘at risk’ bits? Pedicures, facials, stuff like that?

I feel like a right party pooper now - sorry, everyone.



Bahons don’t be silly it’s good to know as i would never have thought about the lymphoedema risk. So Thanks for bringing it to our attention. X

Hi Spa Ladies.

How I envy you. Aqua Sana at Sherwood Forest Center Parcs is my fav place.

Just to say that I’ve been 4 times since my BC 2 years ago. I live not far away from Sherwood and I go with a friend for the day just to the spa.

The only thing I’ve avoided is the actual hot sauna which is outside in a foyer with the ice fountain. I thought that was taking too much of a risk. It really is hot.

Most of the rooms are nicely warm. I’ve been in all of them and had no problem at all.

On each occasion I’ve filled in the form with my medical records truthfully and no-one has said that I shouldn’t or should do anything. It’s been my decision.

There are lots of things to do besides the steam and tepid rooms.

Do enjoy your visit and swim under the stars in the outdoor pool. That really is an experience.

Have a great time you deserve it.

Love to you all

Jan xxx

Hi spa girls,

Firstly enjoy your time at center parcs. i went to the Suffolk one in April when i was mid way through chemo. I booked a facial and a dry flotation and kicked up a bit of a fuss when they said they didnt think i could have it because of bc. They relented and said it was probably all right. You might think i was wrong to do this but nowhere on the website did it say cancer victims not welcome, only when you got the literature having booked up. Secondly, as far as my doctor was concerned, it was ok. Anyway to cut a long story short, had a great time but did get hospitalised with neutropenia whilst i was there. This was nothing to do with anything that happened there, caught a simple cold off my son. Fortunately, Center parcs was brilliant in getting the ambulance to me, and West Suffolk hospital was fantastic. Felt a big fraud… Now thats one weekend i wont forget!!

Also, as one of the storm riders who met on a weekend a few weeks ago in Derbyshire, we had a great time and i am sure you will too.

All the best