BCC photoshoot

Hello lezzie lasses, just hoping some of us are up for the photoshoot Mike posted about in the Your Views section of Forums- in case you didn’t see the post BCC are looking for photos of all ranges of women for new publications but are trying to be sure they have a pic of one woman with a same sex partner. I can’t volunteer with my OH being an Onc, she really wouldn’t want her photo in BCC leaflets, hope some others of us are free to volunteer,
hope you well lasses, Nicola

Have volunteered myself, civil partner and son for the shoot in June!
Annette X

Brilliant Annette, well done, and thanks ! I don’t think we’ve met before - I did the talk at BCC for their launch of their study of lesbains with BC, as did Norberte by dvd, so its really good for BCC that someone different is volunteering and for them to be reminded there are a lot of us about!
look forward to seeing you in future publications, have a good weekend, Nicola

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Well done annette, its not something i would do all to fussy for me. Im sure you will have a great day out and for a good cause.

Hope the shoot goes really well and you and your family enjoy it

bw Dawn

Thanks! We’re going on Friday afternoon and hoping it goes well. Bit nervous about it, of course. We’ve just had a week’s holiday in the sun so at least we will probably look quite healthy! Looking forward to meeting other people there, too.
Annette X

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Yes have fun! Good on you for doing it -well done!
Julie x