Beano my sweet friend,

Have a wonderful wonderful time away in Canada. Take care of yourself and enjoy every single minute of it. You will be sadly missed by us all as you will be like a friend that has gone AWOL.

Safe journey and return to us with lots of exciting stories from Canada.
love claire xxxxxxx

Hi Beano

Must have lost the plot somewhere, didn’t know you were off to Canada. Have a wonderful time, forget all your troubles and come back a new woman. Seriously though, have a great fun time.

Love and hugs

Hi there!!!

I have totally lost the plot Didnt know you were going or if i did i forgot last few days have dissapeared in all the pills i taken … Beano thanks for all the support and have fun and please come home safe we will all miss you Lots of love LJ xxx

me too how remiss of us all, lol anyway my sweet beano have a wonderful trip and enjoy all you do, have a safe journey and kiss a mountie for me ok lol
love you