beano's back

Hello everyone,

I’ve just been reading through all the threads and it’s kept me busy for AGES!

As always, my prayers are going up for all of my lovely friends on the forum. Thanks for all the laughs; especially the FIREMEN! What a great idea! I stupidly told my OH about it but my Mum has been saying she ought to get her house checked so maybe I can just arrange to be there when she does! lol

Ceegra, as promised, I flung some bucketloads over Lincoln; hope they got to you OK. And I hope your daughter is doing well too. You are one special lady and I join in with the advice that you should get a second opinion if that will put your mind at rest. Honestly, all it takes, sometimes is a proper explanation and for us to be treated like intelligent, mature adults. That alone would probably save the NHS a fortune!

Claire and louby; your posts have had me in fits! I bet an evening out with you two would be one to remember! I’m sending my prayers up for both of you and your ops, of course. I suspect humour is your way of coping; and a flippin’ good way of coping it is, too!

Take care, everyone.

Love and hugs,
beano xxx


good to have you back!!! did you enjoy the break???

Glad we amused you LOL

Thanks for the prayers …claire is first on the table on thursday so hope everyone will be thinking of her!!!

How are you doing??? hope the break did you good!!!

Sending you lots and lots of love!!! and very big hugs!!!

LJ xxxxxxxxx

Forgot to tell you all when I went shopping on Wednesday I was about to finnish putting the shopping from my trolly when this very old guy nearly 90 and his lovelly wife pulled up into the mother and baby bay next to me …I frowned as I wasn’t in one as mine are no longer baby’s …anyway out he got and said …come on girl I’ll buy your trolly if your quick…but hurry up or I might die…so I hurried up and took his pound and then spent nearly an hour!!! yes an hour!!! listening to him singing and telling me dirty jokes…I wasn’t in the mood as I had just been to hospital as already mentioned in an earlier thread last week with my youngest…I couldn’t get rid of him and he was proudly telling me he used to be a stand up comedian and yes he was very funny and his voice was fantastic…but I could not get rid of him …in the end I had such a headache …and said so …he let me go and then I got in my car and the crazy man got in my passenger door to sit and tell me yet another joke…I was eventually rescued when his wife came out with all their shopping…he said I hope to see you next week!!! I am never going to that store ever again!!!

HI Beano!!!
Welcome home!!! ty for the bucket loads i sure needed it really i did, was it a good hol?

my baby girl is home but has a catheter in, grrh never in my day would it be

i,m tired today i think its the tooing and froing from the hosp

well we are moving in 3 weeks and i havent started to pack yet,lol
so i guess i will need to start,lol

i will get larry the lump sorted after that, i,m just too ruddy busy to start going bk to hosp i have 2 more visits in next 2 weeks one for my arthritis and one for my heart

so time will work and to be honest i seem to forget about it as theres no pain, i did while i was awake in the nite look at the nipple and there are little raised pimples on it so i will show the doc when i see her.

oh LJ
you really got stuck with the old guy lollol
teach you to take from a stranger lollol

love you all
big hugs

Hello Beano,

Welcome back sweetheart hope you had a fab time.
So glad we have made you laugh… not too sure i would risk your state of mind going out with me and LJ… you might need to bring a packet off tenna ladies ( i think thats what you call them).
I was feeling really low about today but feel a little better knowing ur back and that we have got u in fits.

Oh and def get the firemen out hunny as them arriving at your house in their big red engine and following you round your house in their blue uniform …phewwwww omg you get that hot you nearly set yourself on fire he he he. If not def get round to mothers with the tutty and hold in knickers on.

claire xx

Hi cee!!!

Glad to see your daughter is out…sending her my best hope she recovers soon!!!

As for the old man …just my luck pulling an 90yr old 3 times my age who’s wife was clearly pleased he had latched on to me and gave her a break!! Ahh well he did make me smile in the end…and his jokes were funny!!!

As for going out with me and Claire well tenna ladies would probably be needed all round LOL I Hope your ok CLAIRE!!! been thinking about you!!!

My 7yr old is in a state about my op tonight and is playing up crying and wanting cuddles …says he can’t cope with not being able to cuddle me when he gets home from school after my op…he wont be consoled!!!

I have a confession on the Firemen front!! We have a monitored alarm system and 3 times this year it has called them for a false alarm :wink: wow last time they were so worried as I thought I did smell smoke that they sat around and wondered all around the house for ages …it was next doors flue(it’s been fixed now) but it was going into my upstairs window and setting the sensor off… I was so embarrassed as everytime it was a saturday afternnon 3 weeks in a row…looked like I did it on purpose but I didnt… see so I couldn’t even enjoy it…in the end my hubby was worried I had a fetish as the last time he was out!!! LOL not seen them since…such a shame …but the warmer weather means they havnt lit it since…hope it plays up when they do LOL

and everytime I had no makeup and infact the last time I was in my PJ’s…not a pretty sight!!

ahh well happy days


Hello, hon. I’m wooshing those bucketloads over you like crazy, girl. I’m even breaking into a sweat, you’re keeping me so busy! Moving house? NOW??!!! As if you haven’t got enough on your plate!! I know what it’s like, though. Last year my Dad died. We were very close and I miss him terribly but we’d already sold our family home of forty years and moved out just four days after his funeral! As if that wasn’t enough, my brother had been diagnosed with bladder cancer a couple of weeks before Dad died, and then the solicitor I hired to do the conveyancing for the move was reluctant to let me have the proceeds from the sale of the house. I had to make a formal complaint about him!

Looking back on it all, I don’t know how we got through it. I suppose it just goes to show that we can cope with anything that’s thrown at us, especially if we have the loving support of good people like everyone on this forum!

So keep your chin up, hon, and don’t forget about Larry altogether. He needs dealing with once and for all!

beano x

Hello louby & Claire, you mad pair!!! (And I mean that in the nicest possible way!)

Louby; your confession on the firemen front had me in fits, (AGAIN!) Bad timing or what? No make up? PJs on? You definitely need to take a leaf out of Claire’s book and plan it in advance! lol

And, Claire, I haven’t got any hold-in knickers. Truth is I’ve never needed any till about a year ago. I was always skinny and then suddenly it decided to all hang out! I think I could do with some of those knickers now. Doesn’t it all just flop over the top of them, though?! lol

love and hugs,
beano x

Good morning Beano!!

Hold in Knickers are great but they usually are so big they sit under your bra line …and they basicly sqeeze it all in but gently…unless you do as my friend does and buy 2 sizes too small and then when she wears them theyre so tight she cant eat LOL but she likes them!!

And back to the firemen …I clearly need to plan it better!!! it was weird how it kept happening …and yes as you probably guesed the fourth saturday I was dressed with makeup on and the flippin alarm didnt go off!!! I sat there thinking how typical …but wasn’t till after I thought should have lit a joss stick under the sensor …that would have kept them here for ages!! but knowing my luck they would have come from another station and been 90 years olds again!!!

AHH the sun is shining and I am sat here in my PJ’s and you know what…I think I might just watch a film this morning and not get dressed …catch you all later lots and lots of love LJ xxxx

Tell the truth LJ… the reason we both have such big wazzers is cos those hold in knickers push all the fat so high up it adds 3 cup sizes to us he he he.


So, where do I get these hold in knickers then? lol

woooooooooooooooooosh !!!
Everyone running out the door to buy a pair of hold ins lol


Well ok claire your right …I spend hours stretching my spare tyre to squash upwards in my panties that are so tight and the yep you guessed it I strap the spare bits in my bra VOILA instant effect big wazzers slimer waist and it works as a good diet technique too as it’s impossible to eat then!!!

LOL LJ … problem is i would still manage to eat !!!


well your spare tyre must be smaller than mine!!! LOL

neah lovey iv had 3 kids and got a nice spare tyre to show for it.
Forgot to tell you… they said i wasnt to wear… makeup, hair products, deo, talc, body lotion, nail varnish… nothing really apart from my skin, so i said to her ‘not only am i going to feel cr*p but im going to look and smell cr*p too’ lol… lucky she found this very funny.

how are you today xx

HAHA thats not funny…is this just for the op??? or after too???

I’m ok today thanks …struggling with the sleep terribly and can’t eat too well…unless the sugar content is high…funny that and still having the odd ciggy trying tho not to…my oldest wet the bed last night and said he is scared of my op…that made me very sad My mother is having the kids after and before school on op day …so got her to look forward to when I get home …ohhhhhhhh joy!!!

Keep smiling xxxxxxxxxx

Well i hope just for the op… dont fancy cutting someones hair with no deo on lol phewwww.
Well this is my last day for a cig as she also told me that i wasnt to have one for 48 hrs before op… bad time to give up but i’ll do what i have to do… so will be shouting at you all tomorrow night lolol.
Oh no poor little love, he must be so so scared… but mummy will be fine soon and giving huge big extra cuddles. OOOOOOOOO see if you can book yourself into that NHS hospital for the night lol. Mine will have my little ones waiting for me at home as still not going to give me a break.


Ladies sorRy to brag but my hubby has just made the best choc swiss roll in the world!!! It was a recipe from the be-ro cook book from morrisons got loads recipes in for £1.09 …bargain!!!

AS FOR MUM BEING HERE ON OP DAY …SHE WILL LET THE KIDS TRASH THE JOINT AND THEN RUN MY PHONE BILL UP RINGING ALL HER MATES!!! BUT I NEED HUBBY SO GOT TO PUT UP WITH IT REALLY… honestly I wish I could tell her what I really feel…but she is one of these people who ignores everything you say!!

Well claire we will have to get those fancy nhs hotels to keep us LOL


Hey we def have the same mum … r u sure we are not sisters lol.

Yeah and dont forget to ask for nice white fluffy towels on arrival and a bottle chilling for after the op lol


Yeah and I better get a tea/coffee tray with some of those fancy buiscuits