Beatrice trials/ bevacizumab

Hi ladies
thanks to all those who replied to my question re: becaizumab trials, after long consideration & reading the side effects of the trial drug, and not much sleep, I decided to speak to my Boss this morning as she is a Nurse & has worked in this field. Her advise was to be a little ‘selfish’ & say no to the trial, as it may have different side effects and the treatment would be prolonged. The treatment will be enough without adding more anxiety. I was interested in trials, as like most of you I felt I should give something back, but this seem’s a little extreme. I advised the clinic that I had decided not to take part [this took 15 mins to convince them]& all of a sudden my appointment for my Chemo regime has been delayed untill 14th of May! My original appointment was for tomorrow. This postponment has mde me feel really low after I was feely really ‘up’. anyone else had the same problem?
Take care all

hi murdo
i went on the neo tango trial last year as i was advised by the trialist nurse that it had been shown to shrink large tumours,that i had. she was a wee bit vaige(spelling) about side effects. once i was on the trial the trialist nurse disapeared into a puff of smoke. i suffered horendous side effects with this treatment, hospitalised 4 times for between 5 and 9 days during it.dont be pushed into anything u really do not want to do.
good luck with whatever treatment plan u and i say again u choose

I know this post is now a little old… But I have been asked to do this trial today, and have gone through the side effects on the info sheet, and the rare ones are the ones I can deal with - the common ones are scary - like you said we have enough to deal with without all that - I mean curing the Cancer is great, but getting heart disease instead or a stoke at teh age of 30!!! is something I don’t want after watching my dad have his 13 tablets a day, and watching him have a heart attack - It all sounds hurrendous. I have the weekend to make a decision and I will discuss it with my familybut I think my mind is made up. Be interested to here from anyone else who has undergone this trial.