Been In Hospital for a Week

Hi All,

Just got out of hospital after being admitted as an emergency last Saturday. I was nutropenic, but I also had a hugely swollen and blistered hand. Tests on the blister fluid and the culture that was grown showed no bacteria or infection, so they think I had a reaction to Taxotere and that my vein could have punctured when I had the last cycle done causing it to leak slightly. Had to have it photographed as none of the oncologists or other doctors had seen this type of reaction before. I’m on a huge amount of steroids and antibiotics for the next week and have to see a plastic surgeon on Monday to see if there is likely to be any tissue damage or scarring. I’ve then got my onc the following day and Herceptin the day after that, so I guess I’m going to be busy next week…feeling OK otherwise though, just glad to be home after being kept in isolation.

Hi Cherub,

Poor you. What a scary thing to happen.
I hope that the drugs get you fit again soon, and it is comforting that you have your appointment for Monday.

Best wishes,

Hello Cherub

Sorry to hear this. You really had a bad time with Taxotere didn’t you?

At least you can tell yourself that you’ve finished chemo now so hopefully you’ll soon start feeling much better.

Take care
Love Anthi