Been out without a scarf

Been out without a scarf

Been out without a scarf Hi to you all

Juat wanted to share that I have been out for the first time without anything on my head. My hair is still really short, and I did feel a little self conscious, but I did it!! It was a family meal out, as my oldest son was 18 at the weekend. None of my family had even seen me bare headed!

I am still wearing my hat and scarf to work though, I am not that confident, but it felt really nice to be without a head cover for a change.

Can’t wait till it is a little longer, then I will ditch the headgear totally.

Anyway, just wanted to share a milestone with you all.

Love to you all,

Hi Deborah - congratulations - it’s a great feeling isn’t it? I first went out bareheaded in the daytimes in Goa just after Christmas - four months after finishing chemo. It felt really strange, and I got a few funny looks when I went out in the evening in my wig!!!

Love Jean xx

think I might have seen you in Goa Jean,
Were you in Candolim, I think I might have seen you as I could identify
with the short hair. Thought I know there must be more than one other lady post chemo in Goa after Christmas ! Hope all is well.