Been to hospital, news not great

I have been to hospital today and they have found a 1.5cm massive (not sure if that’s big in the scope of cancer?) The consultant told us that on a scale of 1-5, 1 being not cancer and 5 being cancer, I’m sitting at Number 4… results appt on 6th June… I’m scared.  Everything is now beginning to hurt, my arm, my chest… he said he thinks its a slow growth tumour though… can someone give some reassurance please?



Right first things, take a big deep breath my dear.


Lets focus on the good news, if it is a slow growth tumour, it is only 15mm, that is small.  Until the results come back you will not know for definite if it is cancer.  If it is then they will be able to treat it and a treatment plan will be specifically tailored to you.


I was diagnosedin Sept 2016 with a 17mm (1.7cm), tubular cancer, grade 1, slow growing tumour, and I was oestrogen positive.  I had my surgery in Oct 2016, followed by 20 sessions of radiotherapy which finished in January 2017, and am on tamoxifen (a hormone blocker because I was ER+).  Life has got back to normal and on the whole I forget that I ever had it


Everything will hurt because that is the anxiety monster taking over your rational mind, Try to take each day at a time and set yourself small milestones, the first one being yoru results day.  Please donot google generally as there is a lot of out of date and misinformation out there which will just terrify you.


Keep coming on here and we will get you through to your results day on 6th.  Sending a pair of the tough pants we give ladies virtually to help you because they have very large pockets so that we can all get in to be beside you and hold your hands.


tough pants.jpg


Sending you hugs


Helena xxx