been to the doctors, next step breast clinic

Well, as i predicted the doctor has referred me to the hospital. She said the mass was not like a normal tumour, in fact she wondered if it was not just thickening tissue. It is very smooth and has a defined edge like a pebble. But the puckering of the skin has given her cause for concern and she has asked for a priority appointment.

We do not have a center of excellance near me, but before I went i researched the local hospitals a bit, and picked one that had the most informative web site. it is a big teaching hospital. so I chose that.

So all i have to do is wait–and tell my husband when he gets back off his trip on sunday.

The waiting bit can be very difficult. There’s no point in saying ‘don’t worry’ because everyone does, but keeping busy and thinking about other things as much as possible seems to be the best thing to do.

I hope it goes well.