Been told I'mTN today

Hi ladies thanks for the replies. It will be interesting to see what the genetics people say.

Wow Sue they really are keeping on eye on your lump. Last week was my one and only measuring, which would be week 9. I won’t know any more on the size until I have my op which is a bit of a worry in case it starts to grow again now I’m on the T.

Eliza, Fairy dust, really good news that your tests came back negative xx

Hi ladies

Sue, I had a marker put in my lump about 2 weeks after my first chemo (should have been before but I hadn’t had my MRI by then). Same reason, they expect the chemo to shrink the lump so much that it can be difficult to find the tissue to remove. It’s no worse than the biopsy, local anaesthetic small cut and then they insert quite a big needle so don’t look. My lump is very dense so she had trouble getting it in but it didn’t hurt could just feel pushing. Be warned though that I had to go and have a mamogram to check the position after. My nurse came with me and pushed me in so no waiting. It’s not a full squish but is quite sore. Once they had confirmed it was in ok off I went. Steristrips and dressing on just like biospy.

I’m sure you are right about the T being just as effective. Would just be nice to have some reassurance. Your lump is bigger but will respond very well I’m sure. I’ve also heard that people struggle after treatment finishes. Currently I think bring on the end and let’s be done but I guess you don’t know until you get there. My Maggies centre has reassured me that they are there as long as I need them.

Jencat. Thanks for sharing that positive story. It always helps to hear that ladies are doing well. I was nervous about my first chemo as well but it was ok and the staff are wonderful. Once you are in the chair you will be absolutely fine and your nerves will disappear and you’ll be happily chatting away to the nurse. Try to enjoy your weekend. xx

Hi Ali,  I had the taxane before the EC and had an immediate response. My concern was the reverse of yours - would the EC get the same good response! 


Eliza xx

Hi Eliza. Thanks for sharing that. Hopefully that means that both drugs are just as effective and we can both be reassured that the lumps won’t start to grow again!

Ali xx

Good luck for today, Jencat.  Just remember to keep well hydrated and take the anti-sick meds!  Eliza xx

Hi Jencat. Good luck for today. You will be fine once you get there and the treatment starts. Just make sure you take it easy for the next few days xx

All VERY best to you today, Jencat. Would echo Ali and Eliza re fluids, meds and also a bit of just whatever you fancy! xxx