Been very stressed but now so relieved

I have got to have another op on the 18th.


then chemo after xmas. it is in lymph glands under my arm. So will be laid up Christmas.


Had stressful 2 weeks.  My husband had x ray 2 weeks ago. They found something. He had more tests and x rays. Went for results  yesterday. Expecting worst. Thinking he had cancer. They found he has asbestos in his rib area. It is harmless not life threatening. He has been lucky.


If it was in his lungs then would be different story. Phew. Said he must of been exposed to it some time in his life. So we are so relieved. Not both of us laid up with Cancer. This is what he has.  Pleural plaques. He does not need any treatment. So you can imagine how stressed we both have been. As if we did not have enough to worry about. I am so glad he is going to be OK. Been married 42 years this December. Got used to him being around. LOL

Sorry you’ve got another op just before christmas, sending you Speedy recovery vibes.:slight_smile:

Fantastic news about your husband - one less worry for you both. Sounds like you’ll have to put up with him for a good long time to come. And you’ve got a manservant while you’re recovering! (maybe don’t tell him that) x x

Hi Rosejack


Good luck with your op this Weds. I just had ANC too (MX and SNB some weeks ago) and waiting for results before starting chemo sometime in January. If it’s ANC you’re having this week, you should hopefully not feel too bad by the 25th - not great, but not so bad you won’t be able to enjoy it. Glad to hear that your husband is okay too. Let us know how you get on. xx