Being Neutropenic

Hi there ladies, I’m on FEC and was taken into hospital for 3 nights after my 1st dose with neutropenia, but they never found a site if infection. 2nd time around i did 5x gcsf injections, yet my day 10 bloods showed neuts of 0.8. Ever since i have been paranoid about whether I feel ill or not and checking my temp numerous times a day! It’s now day 16 and most of the time I feel ok, but sometimes feel cold around my neck, slightly shivery but not that bad. I put another layer on and the feeling passes. Does anyone else feel like this? I have had a 2nd trip to A&E in the midde if the night, cos of a high temp on only day 5, and they found my bloods were fine and sent me home.
So feel like I’m driving myself nuts wonder what to do and constantly monitoring my health!! I know to act quickly if I get a fever, but should I just ignore feeling slightly ropey?!
Surely my neuts are on the up now, and I should be feeling normal. Does anyone think the chilly feeling is a side effect of low neuts? Thanks. :slight_smile:

Hello Gemcat

My experience mirrors yours blow by blow!

Apparently, there are some people who are more sensitive to chemo than others.

Go to the 8th European Breast Cancer Conference 2012 and scroll through the press releases and you’ll find one on how genetic variaion influences reponse to chemo!

Good luck and warm wishes.


Thanks Skippa, I read the press release and I heard about this, it’s very interesting and great news for future patients.
Do you think I’m doing the right thing? - not reacting to every little chill and just watching out for a fever?
Are you in treatment now? Thanks so much for responding.

Hi Gem

It’s really difficult to say re responding or not to every little chill. I’m facing the same dilemma right now with a few aches and pains.

The first time I called an ambulance a blood test and temperature suggeested I did have neutropenic sepsis. The second and third time I called I had neutropenia but not sepsis.

But the A&E team thanked me for coming in to be on the safe side!

I would err on the side of caution!

Best wishes