I have had the first of 6 ECs and had to have some extra anti sickness meds. I am continually belching, not just little ones but huge, Homer Simpson burps, went for a walk today and everyone in the street turned round to look!

Has anyone else had this? And is this the happy alternative to having it come out the other end?


I have had 4 FEC and find that I am full of air up top. I feel really bloated but it is just air, but I have been belching too!
As you say a happier alternative than the other end.
Penn 1

Thanks Penn I am glad I am not the only one!


Mine is the other end worse luck. My OH laughs and I just blame it on the chemo.

No one has heard me in the street yet thank god.


HI Lady chatterbox my problem is bottom burping for about 5–6 days after chemo. won’t go into detail but if I mention skunks and smells you’ll k now what I mean!!! Mind during those few days have to take 9spoons of lactulose and two Fybogels a day (or I do’nt cange my shoes for about five days!!!)
Sorry moderator getting down to ‘basics’ but it is so embarrassing…
Also I don’t belch but get very painful hiccups during this stage as well.
I would like some feedback from others on the latter , HOWEVER will understand if you do not want to divulge Personal details about bottom burping.

Only just had my first FEC. Burping a bit, but none of the other yet. Well… no more than usual anyway, lol. Not much action at all in that dept to be honest - will get the lactulose going in the morning. What is Fybogel? Any other recommendations, anyone? If I get constipated again it will be the pits - it was so, so very gross after surgery.

Fybogel is excellent for constipation, Cryst, also Senokot orange/lemon powders. Hope you are feeling Ok after your FEC.

Bobbie I havent’ had hiccups but must confess to developing the old bottom burps since starting this thread, they are really…strangulated…how delightful!


Hi Cryst Fybogel is a natural fibre made from Isphagula husk , I get them on prescription from doc. Mine also contains Mebeverine which helps with my IBS , have a word with your ONC or doc. I take them every day but find I also need lactulose for about five days after chemo. I believe fybogel adds bulk to the stool. Does not stop the bottom burps after chemo but have had no IBS, which was a big problem before BC. Love Bobbie.
Love to all of you who are keeping the ozone layer going with plenty of METHANE.
WE have to see the funny side of it all sometimes or we would all give in and keel over!!!

Hi all, I can now report that the hiccups have put in an appearance, and the … er… bottom burps. (Can we say “fart” here?) OH says he is going to go and sleep in another room. Thanks for the info re Fybogel and senokot - I’ll go and buy up the chemist tomorrow.

Otherwise feeling OKish after the FEC - a bit spaced out and definitely not right in the tummy dept, but no real nausea.


PS it doesn’t say anything about this on the sheets they give you!

I have had burps so bad had some medicstion from gp for it - it relaxed everything and improved after 2 days - the medication was for those suffering with paranoia but it gave me a good sleep. - that was my first treatment
after 2nd was given omeprazole - which is ok and i sometimes burp and sometimes fart too - very stinky ones!!!

having 3rd of 6 on Friday so will see what side affects i get then…
have mozipol for constipation

hope this helps - thanks for info too
bye chemo girls