Ben Nevis Challenge - Oct 2008

Hi There

I’m based in Dumfries in South-west Scotland and have signed up, along with my OH, to do the Ben Nevis Challenge in October this year.

Just wondering if there is anyone else fairly local to me who is doing it - OH says he’s running up (yea right) - having gone through through 4 x Fec, 22 x rads and 4 x Taxotere by then - I’ll be in the slow group at the back lol.

But would be nice to get in a bit of training with someone once the nice weather appears!


Hi Margaret
Did the 2007 challenge, finished chemo couple of months before & didn’t have much hair at the time! One thing i will say is walk as much as possible it’s not easy! I found the coming down harder than the going up. Have you set up a just giving page - great way to get sponsors.
The whole weekend was just fantastic, a bit rushed though. We drove there & back, which meant we could take our time which was nice.
Wishing you the best of luck
Louise xx

Thanks for that Louise - glad to know it is achievable !!

I have set up a justgiving page - raised the minimum £450 within 24 hours of setting it up (though it’s slowed down a bit now lol - but i think I’m up to £625 at the moment - so who knows what I can do by October!

Thanks for your good wishes

Margaret x