hi everybody
Back safe and sound in one piece and really achy, what a fab weekend, even though it was too unsafe to get to the summit it was a massive sense of achievement as the weather was really horrendous and it was a definite challenge trying to stay upright in the wind, met some lovely people and great meeting mags175 & hubby what stars !! good luck to all the sunday walkers have a great time
love galen x

Wholeheartedly agree with Galen - it was a fantastic weekend - met loads of lovely people, including Galen & hubby who were great. Hubby managed to get blown of his feet once and me twice (and I have the bruises and aches to prove it). Hope the sunday walkers managed to get further than us - it was certainly a lot calmer this morning (at ground level that is - no idea what it was like up on Ben mind you!?!)

Weather conditions were atrocious on the Saturday and although we were disappointed not to get to the summit - I for one am proud of what we did achieve. Well done everyone. And a big thank you to Sarah and the rest of the BCC staff, and the mountain guides for keeping us all (literally) on the right path !!

Margaret x

hi margaret
i am struggling to walk today ! !i really ache, hope you are feeling ok and had a good journey home, hope to meet again on some other crazy expedition !!
love galen & duane

well done you two!!!

wish I had come now … I know it’s not nice being blown off your feet but it’s like being a kid again … like Mary Poppins!

love FB xx

Jeez, you lot. Been listening today to news reports of Cumbrian marathon fell-runners nightmare. Sounded awful.

I feel a total wimp cause I didn’t get out on the motorbike today due to drizzle. Obviously turned into a softy Southerner…

So double well done all those who tackled Ben Nevis at the weekend! I’m well impressed!

L x

Too shattered to even get on the website yesterday. I can’t imagine how bad it was on Sat as Sun was bad enough.

We were not allowed to get to the summit as it was full of snow and too windy so they were taking us half way and on a route sort of round the mountain.

Well that was hard enough wind, rain, horizontal snow and blizzards.We had to cross a river and I fell in. We ate our lunch in a blizzard under a orange tarpaulin thing which everyone said was like sitting in a Sainsburys carrier bag. BUT I do feel a sense of pride and achievement. The camaraderie and help that everyone gave each other was wonderful. Especially meeting in the bar afterwards was great. I met some lovely people, the guides and the breast cancer care staff and the coach drivers were wonderful. We even had a dog whose name escapes me who kept running back and forth to make sure we were ok.

Conditions were harsh and it certainly was a challenge but it was worth it. The hotel staff and the food was lovely and my bed was so comfortable not that I could sleep much.

All in all it was worth the aches and pains just to meet the people we met. Would I do it again? I’m not sure. There was a rumour going round that the date may change from late Oct. I would like to have reached the summit. We were told that the energy we used (due to the conditions) would have got us to the top, so maybe…

Anyway many congratulations to all the walkers it was certainly a weekend I will never forget.



Hi Sandra
Well Done !! the aches and pains get better, i climbed saturday and i cant get down the stairs today without grimacing !!
congratulations to all
love galen xx

Hello everyone
Didnt we do well!!
I am still aching from head to foot but had a brilliant weekend. It was nice to meet you at breakfast on Monday sandra and I hope your drive was not too bad, you were brave to attempt that after such a weekend.
Thanks to everyone from BCC who looked after us so well and to all the guides who were brilliant. I was a bit disappointed that Taz the dog got down before I did but there again as I was last that was not difficult!!

Are we doing it again next year girls? Yes the journey home was hard it took 11 hours. Every time we stopped we had to get our stiff legs going again! Hope your flight was better than the one to get there.

Didn’t one of our walkers speak well about the this charity? I thought she was very elequent.(is that spelt right)



Hi everybody
I hope that you remember me, I was the one with the shortest hair on sunday. I think that the lady who did the lovely speech was called Barbara she really moved a lot of people and reminded us why we were doing the walk. I had the most amazing time and I’m still buzzing. It was fantastic meeting all of you.

Loads of love Linda xxxxx

Can I ask did any of you ladies get a certificate to say we climbed (or attempted to climb) Big Ben?

I drove there and back so didn’t use the coaches and I wondered if they gave them to you on the coach.

Only I’m back at work tomorrow and it would be useful now that I’ll be collecting all my sponsor money in.

This time last week I think we were sheltering under those Orange plastic sheets or Sainsburys carrier bags as Hilary described them eating the worst sandwich in the world. Cold, damp, ham salad. I will never eat a ham salad sandwich again!



Hi Sandra
no we didnt get a certificate, my husband and i also drove , the day after our climb we actually drove to the visitors centre to see if you could buy a certificate but we did not see any, i agree with you it would have been great to have something to show our sponsors and would have been great to keep a reminder of such a great weekend

x galen

Hello Galen and Sandra
Hopefully you got a letter today from BCC with a certificate and a nice letter to show sponsors explaining why we didnt get to the top!!
There are also details of the next climb in 2010 but I think if I put my name down for that the guides will run away if they see me getting off the coach!!
Best wishes

Hi fellow trekers,

Yes I got my cert and letter. Did you read what the letter said that due to the weather we went on a more sheltered route…If that was sheltered I would hate to have gone up the unsheltered route!!

Actually I just might go for it again in Oct 2010. I would like to have reached the summit. Am I mad? I think I need certifying but still…