Benelli Mastopexy or boob uplift

I had immediate reconstructive surgery using a newish method called Strattice Reconstruction with an implant in June of this year and am feeling great. If anyone would like to know more about this I am happy to give more details of my experience. I am now about to embark on Nipple Reconstruction which is booked for later this month. However I am also considering whether to have the good boob lifted. A Benelli mastopexy has been recommended, but I fear spoiling a relatively good boob. Has anyone had this procedure? Also it is something I would not have considered before and am only now considering it because I have one firm boob and one saggy boob which don’t match when stripped off. In a bra everything looks great so am I being unnecessarily vain?

my mum has been offered the strattice technique, apparently its used more in the USA than the UK, so have been reading some of the USA sites, but it would be good to hear about how you feel about your new boob, how has recovery been ?


i am in the same state of mind, my Doc says will tidy up and lift draggy saggy one, but Ie am reluctant to have surgery on a good boob all be it facing southward. However when i am in the clinic she inspires me so much im sure if she offered to give me 3 boob i would say yes !!!

I am going for gold just very thankful I have 2 boobs even though they are odd. I think my major thing is also having my nipple moved on good boob, the thought goes through me ,even after recon ???.

keep well xx