Benenden Health care financial support for cancer


Just thought I’d post this for anyone who is a member of Benenden health care. You may not know that they offer financial support for anyone diagnosed with cancer. I have been a member since childhood as my mum was a civil servant & didn’t realise until 2 months after diagnosis. I called them yesterday & they can help with direct costs associated with your condition: wigs, bras etc travel & parking costs, plus help in the home; extra heating, cleaning. they will pay for new clothes if your weight changes significantly because of treatment & they will fund 1 recuperative break once treatment is over. SO I am glad I made that call!!! Also it is not means tested they just need a release of your medical notes for a panel to assess & then you make a request for the help you need up to a limit they set (not sure how much it is but think it may be quite generous???) - will keep you posted.

I know this may be obscure for most people as it only applies of you work for civil service or loacl govt but I hope it helps somebody here

I am a massive fan of Benenden, I have had reason to use them for other purposes (back and knee) and they have been fantastic.

If you are not eligible to join but you know somebody who is a member, you can join via them and after 6 months be a member in your own right. If anybody wants more info PM me, you are welcome to tag onto my membership.



They have relaxed their civil servant only rules to attract more members - you do have to have been a member for 6 months to claim similar to any plan but they have been fab - all the rest of my family have used them for all sorts - hysterectomy, back, skin things. they have help lines & all sorts
they have their own private hosp & fund you to see consultants if the NHS wait is too long - they reckon 6 weeks is too long!!! so if you’re interested check it out