Benign breast lump

Hello I am new to the forum and would like to know if anyone has experienced a similar problem, I recently found what i would describe as a hard oval shaped “mass” in my left breast, given my family history of breast cancer (mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, great aunt)I went to my GP who sent me for a mammogram and ultrasound, thankfully I was told that it wasn’t cancer but my question is WHAT IS IT THEN? Why didnt I ask? Well after waiting around for 3 hours I saw a consultant who spent approx 1 minute with me, she shook my hand and wished me well then she was out the door before I had chance to ask anything, It was a little like being on a conveyor belt to be honest, the staff were all great but it was all very rushed. My concern is the lump is still there and even though i have been told it is nothing to worry about i havent been told what it could be. My mother had the same experience of a negative result but after going back to the hospital time and time again was found to have an aggressive form of breast cancer resulting in a mastectomy. Can anyone advise? Should i go back to my GP with my concerns?

Hi Ambermoon

I’m sorry to hear that you are having such a worrying time time at the moment. I’m sure the users of this site will be along to give you lots of helpful support and advice soon.

In the meantime it might help to talk things through with a member of our helpline staff who are there to offer emotional support as well as practical information. The free phone number is 0808 800 600 and the lines are open Monday to Friday 9.00 to 5.00 and Saturday 9.00 to 2.00.

Best wishes Sam, BCC Facilitator

Hi Ambermoon,
What a worrying time for you - and by the sound of it not exactly a great experience with the breast clinic. I am astounded that your consultant didn’t ask you if you had any questions, especially given your family history.

To the best of my understanding, they will send your GP a report saying what they found, and you certainly are entitled to know what that says. I think if you have a reasonable rapport with your GP I’d be asking for an appointment to discuss with him/her what the results said and what steps you can take to find reassurance and/or what you might need to be alert to in the future.

It is brilliant that you don’t need to join this “club no one wants to join” but do keep coming back with questions at any point or just because you need a place to vent.

Take care. <hug></hug>

your doctor will only know more if the report the hospital sent was quite specific. Most hospitals would send you a copy of that report (can take weeks)

when you had the test you should have been given the number of the breast nurses at the hospital, it’ll be there somewhere in the paper work. Ring them and they can look at your notes and go through it with you. you could ask for a copy of the ultrasound report. Ask her wether you should be going back for annual scans or anything.

all sorts of things can go on in the breast at different times. You can have benign changes for years and then one day it is possible to also have a cancerous one. It does not mean that they missed the cancer in the first place. Some benign lumps are a warning that you should keep a close eye on it over the years to catch tumors early. Some are just lumps.

Finding a lump, going for the tests, waiting for results is just as traumatic for everyone, wether it turns out to be cancer or not, and you have had the trauma of waiting to see what your lump is. Its such a relief to get good news, but that does not instantly heal the upset of the previous weeks, especially with the added worry of your family history.

Tak to the helpline too, they have got all the time in the world to explain things, but they would be more help if you had a copy of the hospital report.

Oh dear what a pain busy breast clinics are, there is just not enough time always to recognise when benign patients need proper reasurance. There is the incorrect assumption that it is ok and that is that. You did not mention your age or whether you had a needle biopsy.
You could give the Breast Care Nurses a ring but yuor GP will have a discharge letter in the next week or so.
You have every reason to need your diagnosis explained to you especially with your family history. Do ring the Helpline on 0808 800600 they can talk through your clinic experience and send you informatin on benign disesse.
Best wishes


Sorry you didn’t have a chance to ask the questions you needed too.It is so worrying waiting for any results the brilliant news is this lump is begnin; but need reassurance as to what it actually is. Were you given a number for a Breast Care Nurse? In my case I was put in touch only after it was confirmed I had early non-invasive cancer (DCIS) after a biopsy. If you haven’t got a number try to call the Patient Advice Service (PALS) at your hospital as they should have the numbers listed. Or go on line there may be a number listed on a hospital web-page.

Alternatively, go to your GP first; if they haven’t received the report they can chase it up. You mention your concern over your family history it may be worth discussing this with your GP as well if you havn’t already.

The reason is I have recently gone to the genetics department to discuss mine as BC has appeared in all generations. My mother had a begnin lump removed & thankfully she has never had anything further. She was in her forties & is now in her seventies. I lost a cousin very young to BC & the genetics picked up that her daughters should be screened earlier; they have gone to their own GP & this has been set in motion.

Take care

Hi everyone, THANK YOU all for your support and advice, in answer to your questions, I am 43 year old mother of two, my mother was 54 when diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer, no I wasn’t offered any further support from a Breast Care Nurse, I didnt have a needle biopsy. I dont want to seem ungreatful to be told that I have a negative result especially given that many others are not so lucky but it hasn’t really put my mind at rest either. I have the greatest respect for the hospital staff but this ‘thing’ is still there and I would have liked to have been given the option to have it removed, as you say given my family history, (I didnt mention that my younger sister had a lump removed when she was 30 also) I would have just liked even a brief explanation of the results but there was nothing just “you’re ok, enjoy your life, goodbye.” My GP did say when she referred me that I would be monitored more closely from now on but that wasn’t mentioned either. I am a person who finds it very difficult to ask for help and advice, joining this forum is a first for me but I was desperate for answers so thank you for your replies they are very much appreciated. Kindest regards Amber


I had something very similar to your mum’s situation happen to me. 9 months before I had my diagnosis, I had a very small breast lump. Had a needle boipsy and was told it was benign. Over the months that followed it grew to twice the size. I only went back to see the consultant because it made my boob look strange, and I wanted to see if they could remove it. When he was examining me he felt a lump under my arm, and was worried. I had a proper boipsy (rather than a fine needle one), and it turned out to be cancer. I was shocked to say the least after being told it was nothing to worry about months before. I’m not just over 2 years from diagnosis and I’m doing well. I would advise any woman who’s had a lump diagnosed as benign, to get it re-checked if it changes in any way.

Hope it turns out to still be nothing to worry about for you xx