benign changes

benign changes

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I am in a lot of breast pain but only on the left one.
After finding a small lump i went twice to the docs who then refered me the breast clinic.
I had a mammogram and ultrasound scan and they came back ok.
The consultant said it is benign changes and for me to keep checking them and if i am worried or anything unusual happens to go straight back to them.

I am doing what they have suggested , taking evening primrose, cutting down on caffine and animal fat.and have found that taking nurofen plus when the pain is unbearable.

Is there anything else i can do?
Its nothing to do with my monthly cycle although the thinking is its to do with my age. 46!

And what exactly is going on in the left one thats not happening to the right?
Is the left one aging quicker than the right one lol


Hi Caz,

I’ve just had ultrasound and have the same thing, benign tissue change with tiny gladular cysts - also worse in my left breast too (maybe they’re just generally more troublesome?!)

I didn’t ask much about it because I was too busy being relieved, but if I find out any info about this I’ll post up here & let you know xx

there’s a common condition affecting women as they get in their forties which is called fibrocystic changes. The breast tissue becomes more fibrous and you get cysts which are fluid filled bubbles. It’s extremely common which is why they don’t classify it as a disease any more although they used to.

it can cause pain and there is a relationship between one kind of change atypical hyperplasia where you get more cells filling up the duct and going onto getting breast cancer. It raises your risk by 4

so if you’ve had a trip to the breast clinic after forty I’d have regular checkups / mammograms after. I personally didn’t bother but was diagnosed about 6 years later with low grade breast cancer