Benign Fibrodeoma increased 50% in 6 Months

Hi girlies, I have 2 Fibrodemomas 1 in each breast. Both Core Biopsies 6 months ago were benign. I’ve never felt 100% about the left one as in the U/S it was different shape & had calcifications. I was referred back to the BC on Tuesday & the left Fibrodenoma has grown by 50% and the consultant has told me it is a ‘no brainer’ it has to be removed, but he will leave the right breast as this one is not palpable. 


Has anyone had a similar experience with rapid growth of Fibrodenoma? I’m 42 years old xxxx

Hi Suzie S

I have moved your message to a different area of the forum where it is a bit busier and you should get more responses.

We have excellent information about Fibroadenoma in our information pages on the website as well as an information booklet which you can either order for free or download.  

In the meantime, do give our Support line a call and they will be able to talk through any questions or concerns you have.  0808 800 6000 Monday - Friday 9-5 and Saturday 10-2.

Best wishes
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