benign phyllodes tumour

Hi i’m new to the forum. I was referred a breast clinic last week after finding a lump and had mammogam, US and biopsy. After 7 long days finally got my results today. The Dr told me it was a benign phyllodes tumour and that he had booked me in for an op in 3 weeks time to remove tumour. He asked me if i had any questions but because i was so nervous and then relieved to find out it was benign i said no. I was then ushered out. Now i’m home and read up on this condition i want to ask lots of questions and feel a bit aggrieved that the dr didn’t give me more information about what the op would entail and about the tumour. It was the same when I had initial test, wasn’t given any indication as to what they thought it was and then spent 7 days worrying. I know that i’m lucky and that most of you on here are dealing with very serious health problems but is this the norm when you see a consultant; will only provide info if you ask question? Also forgot to tell Dr at appoint, getting bloody discharge from nipple.

Hi Shilly62,
Sorry you are having a rough time.
I make anyone medical staff explain things to me until I’m comfortable with it, but when you are in shock it’s hard and Dr’s can be very quick?
The the department you are being seen at have a breast care nurse you can call?
If you need to see them again about your nipple, why not write all your questions down ahead of the appointment and don’t leave until you get and understand all the answers.

Hope you get on OK!

Best wishes to you.

Hi cannoliwings

Thanks for your reply. I will phone the nurse tomorrow. just feel that the Dr’s could be a bit more informative especially when they must know that its a scary time.

Best wishes to all.


I think they seem to think that people with benign or negative results dont need the same support as those diagnosed with cancer and they get short shrift.

so now you need answers to your questions. you could start by ringing your breast nurse who will be able to pull out your notes and go through it with you. Or you could ring the help line here, they are nurses and can tell you the general sort of thing that happens.

or you can ask people here. Being an unusual tumor there might not be many who had exactly the same thing, but everyone has some sort of operation. Do you know how big the tumor is? Is it a day surgery or are you being admitted?

Just because you do not have cancer does not mean that you did not go through the same worries and fears that everybody else did. And an operation is an operation wether it is to remove a benign or cancerous lump and so you do need support


Thanks for taking time to post a reply. I phoned the nurse today and was told that the lump is 3x2.5cm and they would be removing it by wide local local incision. They will then test it again to make sure that it is benign but they have no reason to think that it won’t be. thanks again and best wishes to all