Berni Nolan on this morning Tomorrow 26th April

Hi Just thought you may be interested Berni Nolan will be on tv tomorrow to talk about breast cancer which she has recently been diagnosed with.

love Linda x

Hi Linda

Thanks for that. Will watch it.

Krissy x

Thank God I’m not famous. Being diagnosed & telling the people I had to tell was bad enough - imagine having to talk about it on T.V !

I agree, having to tell my friends and family, especially my little boys has been so traumatic, no way would I like to talk about it in public! xxxTina

Nobody HAS to talk about their disease in public.
Plenty of women in the public eye - Maggie Smith, Sheila Hancock, Marianne Faithfull etc - have all undergone diagnosis and treatment very privately.

I agree, nobody has to. However we are all different and nobody should feel that they cant!!

Some of us read everything, every scrap of research and every new idea. Others are oblivious and would prefer not to know. No approach is right or wrong. The way we deal with things is as different as our lives, looks, genes and outlook.

I am usually rattled by the ‘we can beat this by positive thinking brigade’ but she did not actually say that.

People relate to her, she did not have to deal with it in public but wanted to, to help others! Even if it was to help herself, does it matter? Maybe she does not want to hide in the shadows of speculation about weight gain/loss, hair loss and depression ?

I have secondaries and if appropriate, I always tell people. Not for sympathy or attention but just because it is easier for me if people know. I hate furtive loaded questions disguised as small talk!

I found it refreshing to see her. She was not saying it was going to be a breeze but just saying what she felt at a particular moment in time. If she is honest now, then maybe she will be as honest about the dark days… Julie

Sadly, Dame Maggie Smith has done one or two interviews in the past year and she says she is unable to appear on stage as she now has confidence issues. I also read an interview with her son (Toby Stephens) not long ago where he said he hoped he might be offered a part in a stage play alongside his mother to see if it would help her lose her stage fright.

Ironically, I saw Sheila Hancock a year before my diagnosis doing a talk on the first book she wrote about John Thaw - she told my sister she looked like Maggie Smith! Honor Blackman is another lady who dealt with BC very quietly. She came to my local theatre to do her one woman show (also they year before I was diagnosed)and she was fabulous. Bother her and Sheila Hancock were gorgeous examples of older ladies, but I think Judi Dench and Helen Mirren are too.