Best Christmas present

Hi All

Just to let you know I went for my scan results and my oncologist told me that the scan results showed there was no sign of cancer, have a wonderful Christmas.

I went out with a big grin on my face and one of the nurses commented that someone was leaving here happy. Then I cried all the way home.

I hope anyone else waiting for results has the same good news. I also hope that treatments keep cancer at bay.

Take care all

Marilyn x

wonderful news Maralyn,

look after yourself and have a great Christmas


Oh that’s great news Marilyn

Hope you have a great xmas now

Take care
Margaret x

Wonderful news Marilyn - there have certainly been some good news stories recently and hearing them makes me feel so much more positive and gives me hope.

Rebz xx

Thanks Girls

Hope you all have such good news to report soon.

Marilyn x

well done you x have a brill christmas
galen xx

Very happy for you Marilyn, best possible Xmas present.
Good luck to all.
Caz x