Best place to buy scarves

Although the wig looks good i am finding hats/scarves more comfy. I am looking for the ones you can tie/wrap around scarves/hats so thst you can change to suit that wont break the bank. Any ideas?

I just hit the local charity shops, i also bought a fair few from ebay though obviously they take a while to arrive from China they were v cheap ,

As JenJen said ebay is pretty good and also anna bandanna too. I found that many of the websites also sold through ebay too. I even got a warmer ‘slouch style’ snuggly one on ebay for when I feel a bit cold. I also find wearing hats more comfy saving my wig for special trips sort of things. Beany sleep caps are really soft comfy and not too bulky and I can wear them under my existing sun hats if I want to look a bit more anonymous.

Ali xx

Hi, Bohemia has a few wrap scarves at £4.50. I didn’t try those but I found the Mia silk scarf really comfy ?( ).


Maybe one of the websites listed by Cancer Research has more wrap scarves:


all the best X 

Thanks very much, ?x